Dark Globe Awards

Several of my favorite Bloggerhood friends have been nominated in 3 categories of the annual Dark Globe Awards. There are less than 3 full days left to cast your votes, please go and place one. Here’s how I voted:

Great stuff to have to make a final choice on, .. But;.. The proof is in the pudding. Except for in Harry’s case and the proof there is in the dribble.

Photographer=#2-La Plume Noire

Writer = #4- Kate Shrewsday

Blogger= #2 Driblingpensioner

Here’s where to see all the nominees, and vote for your favorite, but, of course I already picked the best. Bless You all.  paul




  1. This is a great idea. Nominations. voting and then result. All the previous so-called nominations were actually ‘awards’ – bit confusing, what? For a first attempt, this is great. We need more hype in the future though… so that nominations can be collected over a wide spectrum of blogs plus a longer period before voting takes place. And no ‘forfeits’ by the winners!


    • Shame? I don’t understand… Maybe you are saying you are too modest to accept truth about yourself? You are the first person I thought of when I was reading the words of the Dark Awards Author, when they said something to this affect: “While looking over all the votes I have concluded that there are many types of Artist out there. Some shout from the roof tops “VOTE FOR ME” and others, are just quietly humble”. I was paraphrasing of course, but, you were certainly on the authors mind when he spoke of the latter. But, even those shouting from the roof tops aren’t tooting their own horns actually, they are just doing what we all have to do to get ANY message across the Bloggosphear…and that is networking…Hey you WELL deserve not only the nomination….but the Award.
      Bless You


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