“DickHead” and “Putz”..

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Where’s the real entertainment these days? Where’s the TV, and Broadway flare when we need it the most? Were Walter Matthau, and Jack Lemmon living imitations of art, or,  as two Grumpy Old Farts, just emulating artful life?

In the late 1960’s I grew up hearing elder peers singing, and shouting quotes from TV shows they grew up on in the 1950’s  (Before Reruns Existed) … Then came shows I now remember, and love from the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Continue reading


Einstein Mind…the heart of a Child…

She’s an Einstein Mind with the heart of a child…

Never knew better than me in her life of trials..

She never believed I  was wild…Before

Her Heart caught me beguiled…Mesmerized by the

innocent heart of a child… I love you Breonna…

Once ,.. finally…I SMILED…

Because of you…

When America Became Detroit

Own a piece of ye Old Wild West;

Towns for sale, North, South…

standing abreast.   Right

here  in this once great U.S.

of  A…

Why, you can buy Towns,

Counties, Gold Claims, and

more. Almost like the Walton’s,

at Ike Godsey’s store

only, you don’t have to  leave

the house. Pay-pal,  you,

the click of a mouse,

buy’s  it all

on Ebay.

I  remember  life

when time was free, although

many soldiers died to afford it me.

Might have realized those rights

had I lived in a democracy. Hey,

where National intent is hidden on a shelf…

might be wise, make note to self…

Capitol Hill is  sovereign alone…

don’t need no little people

tagging along.

Of  Course

you’re still expected

to send them

all they’ve






And They Were Singing…

Detroit City

Bye Bye Miss American Pie…the day the music died

Obey Propaganda Fender Squier Telecaster

This is the latest addition to my art gallery of Telecasters. What possessed me to buy something with such  sadistic looking graphics? You’re probably asking yourself. Your guess is as good as mine. I actually wondered the same thing about the Artist ( Shepard Fairey) and his fixation on “Obey Propaganda” in his highly popular works of art. I went here OBEY, to his about page and read in his words EXACTLY what he means by the statement.   I STILL DON’T HAVE A CLUE.obey telecaster 008

obey telecaster 001

Wait what was that noise?




ALIVE….hEL-P obey telecaster 002

I’m Still Gone Fishing…

As I told my friend Sandra ( Exceptional Friend, and Prolific Writer)…

Sandra Conner

“I’m afraid Hemingway met his fate after realizing when he wanted to stop drinking…it was his only muse all along…So, I’ve decided to give it up”..

“The writing that is”..
Besides, as far as a post…Black Tele said it all loud and clear without my help…and what she didn’t say regarding my personal state of mind… “Craig Fuller Said in 1972, in this song :

Please Enjoy The Music while your party is being reached:

“The Norman Rockwell Is A Trail Warmer Too”

“Gone Phishing” In Case You Didn’t Know…

Today’s internet is, as most of us know, literally “Crawling” with waggling, viral marketing fish bait. It’s not that advertising is a bad thing either. It’s just that among all the flashy lures, cures, tours, and plugs, it can be all too easy for the average internet user to forget, or overlook the reality of “Thugs”‘.

Scams are so rampant in today’s information highways, and buy- ways, that, ironically, innocent sounding titles have been tagged them to distinguish their designated target venues. Continue reading

Shrimp Kabobs and Ribeye

Due to the fact that I wasn’t planning to create a blog post with this meal, the images I shot leave a lot to be desired. The result on the canvas of my tongue, albeit, was a masterful portrait, if I do say so myself.  A flame flavored palate party for two.

Anyway… You may ask if we really like our rib-eyes charred as seen here on the grill.  Well, one of us does anyway. Which is why I only bobbed the shrimp and veggies rather than overcook the shrimp in the process of reaching my wife’s choice of cook temp on her steak. I prefer mine M.R. (medium rare),  whereas she insist on having hers M.I. (mildly incinerated). Continue reading

You Saw it coming

You Saw it coming, I Saw it go…

I was younger then. Foreknew what I Saw, but in verity, still don’t know.

Only knew then…   I Saw it go. 

Before you Saw it coming,  I’d begun to See a light.

For the Sake of all concerned, you Sacrificed the happiness of one.

I never Saw it coming…barely even knew I was there.

A child, just learning what happiness might be,  gifted ponies taken by three, and painted carrousel figures never making their rounds.

You Saw them coming…long after I Saw them go.