Einstein, Said;

“If  The Bee Disappeared

Off  The Surface Of  The Globe ,

Man  Would  Have  Only  Four Years

To Live. Can We  Believe  Such Apocalyptic

Scenarios? Or Do We Blindly Accept The Rebuttals ?

Conglomerate Bankers, Such as Rabobank, Who No Longer

 Lend Much Needed Funds To Farmers,  Greatly Attributing

    To What Is Being Dubbed” Mid- East Astronom-Famine”

Say Einstein’s Claim Is Preposterous,   As Do The

Government Sanctioned Agro-Genetic Chem

 Company “Monsanto”. But, Just  Ask  A

                                            Honey  Bee.  If  You Can Find One.

                                                A  Honey Of  A Bee Is The Bee

                                                   Keeper. But, They Too Are

                                                       Becoming  Extinct,  As

                                                           It Ain’t Easy Being

                                                            Beezy  In A Four

                                                              Marble World,








Photo By Celi @ KitchensGarden


  1. This is a glorious post. I’ve just in the last few weeks been doing a series of drawings on bees which is a coincidence so have been reading a lot about the subject. I’m sorry to have missed this earlier. Take care and blessings sent. Pam


  2. I did some posts on bees some time ago. What appears to be the problem is that bees like variety. So they move the hives into another area with different plant species and they are pollinated successfully. I must say, though, here in SA there do seem to be far fewer bees than previously. Nice one, Paul.


    • Yes, sadly, many of the keepers whom have moved their bees to other places to pollinate for years now, are returning home with a lot fewer bees…and, in most cases from what I’ve heard and read thus far… They could not find any trace of the bees on the property where they had been feeding, dead or otherwise. Bless You


    • Thanks Buddy, now, could you help me smuggle my microwave into the hotel room? There’s a tip in it for ya..Heh. Well, actually, you’ve been selected to receive the “Reader Appreciation Award”. So, hey, lets just consider that your gratuity .. Bet you hear that a lot…But, somethings we can’t use to pay the bills can at times motivate us on for a few more hours…
      Bless You


  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for the visit and comment! :)

    No surgery yet Thank God, just a watching brief after being diagnosed with atypical arrythmia and some chest pains which may be Angina – I’ll know more if I have any more problems, but so far so good.

    All they’ve done is told me how to recognise a heart attack and arranged more blood tests.

    Apparently the best I can do is diet and get my weight and blood pressure down to safer levels.

    Not easy, but it’s working! :)

    God Bless my friend! :)



  4. Great poem – and the perfect picture to go with it.

    I think all of God’s creatures have a place in the food change, and the absence of any one creates a ripple that affects everyone. Honey bees do make me a bit squeamish, but the Africanized bees are the ones my nightmares are made of. Their aggressiveness scares me!


  5. Man cannot live and eat except for the bee, they are needed as they are the Pollinators of the crops and food we eat.

    The honey collected from the honey bee is used as food, but its also used in medicines etc.

    84% of crops are animal-pollinated and 4000 vegetable species are pollinated by bees.

    Any plant can be pollinated be any flying or any crawling or walking animal, but the bee is the best at it.


  6. great poem.. excellent and the bees sucking sugar water from the marbles is kind of in keeping, with so few flowers grown anymore and you are right about the bee keepers, they used to be all over now very few people keep bees that nasty M word.. Plant blueberries, bees love the flowers and kids love the fruits! Win Win! c


    • Blueberry’s actually have been a long time industry around here. I don’t think they’ve a much luck with them the past few years though. Thanks for the photo usage. And, you mentioned you’d probably want to tag those for clarity…But, I love the light on the left of the picture fading to dark, which is why I chose this particular one. Thanks again.
      Bless You


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