Flowers From A Friend

I  received a wonderful flower from a friend. Actually, I received it way back in November. I think..? But, just discovered it.

It was from a crusty old man friend.( Much Like Myself  )And, no, we’re not gay by any means! Just fellow bloggers.

I’m thinking I was either busy with work, or too self- elevated in my blogging zeal at the time to notice something as seemingly frivolous as a flower from a fellow blogger.

But, make no mistake, I knew it was God’s timing when I found it …

Almost three months later, just after my last post.

Oh, how sweet it would bee if we all really spread a few more seeds. Planted a few more ( Organic ) fruits indeed …   For the Bees.  If not, at least, spiritual seeds, one to another, to muse our wings a flight.

So, here are my six (the Award creators recommended number of  recipients:) Though there will probably be more as I love reading so many of your blogs when I can. And certainly love having you visit mine as well.

You are not supposed to present the Award to any previous recipient.

Nor, of course, do you have to actually pass it along…    And, Oh yeah…You are supposed to link the Award Image back to the one who presented it to you, but even that isn’t necessary in my case.

But, I do strongly recommend anyone receiving this gesture to at least tuck it away, somewhere close. You never know when God will have you stop to smell the spirit lifting roses of life.  Or, when you are stopped in your own tracks,

 ..wondering.                      Where did all the flowers go?


Thank You“Harry
















And of Course Cindy



  1. Oh dear, oh my! Thank you, Paul! You are so kind to include me in your list of “awardees.” These blogging awards always mean a great deal to me because they come from my/our peers, all for whom I have a great deal of respect. The hard part comes in accepting and reciprocating! Not because I don’t like to, but because I want to give as many their due as possible, and someone is always left out! I promise that I will carry out my obligations in accepting this award, but it will take me a while to get my response completed! Hopefully, i’ll be a bit faster at it than you were, though!

    Don’t I still owe you a long comment somewhere? :lol:


  2. Oh this is indeed wonderful–my first visit, and learned of a new award. Congrats to you!! Love the note about “blogging zeal”. Glad to see the humorous lines re personal products–inspiration of a different sort, eh? Well, I’m sure I’ll be back–you’re welcome over in my neighborhood, too. God bless you abundantly today.


    • Oh, brother Paul! I know I really shouldn’t accept your lovely generous offer of the award, but I’m squealing with delight! You’re such a sweetheart to write that wonderful comment on my “King of Kings” post–confirmation of everything I said, and believe. I guess it couldn’t hurt to take one more little tiny award…..thank you! Your friend and sister forever, Caddo “Delight”


  3. Hi Paul, I just want to thank you for making it possiable for me to receive the beautiful flower award from Caddo she said to pop over say hello and as I like reading I will be back soon to catch up on your focus.

    Thanks again – Christian Love Anne.


    • Thank you for your visit. I just read your latest post and want to thank you for reminding me: Philippians 4:7
      And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. And the wonderful excerpt from Catherine Marshall. As I stated at your site, I will forever have loving appreciation for the lady, and her book “Meeting God at Every Turn”
      Bless You


  4. The Best Flowers in our lives are the Dear precious unexpected friends that God allow to cross our paths and grace our way… Thanking God for bringing the bright ray of sunshine that is you Paul into our lives!!!…

    *I’m sharing this post with my face-book friends!!!… Just Beautiful!!! :)



    • Well, you can just hover over the pic in my sidebar; Rt click, and then Paste it into the post after hitting the little camera icon above the editor.

      If you want to put it into your sidebar:

      1. Hover Pic. rt. click , & choose ( Copy Image Location)
      2. From the drop down top left,( your user name)Nav bar hit
      3. ADD an Image widget,
      4.Paste into widget, and choose where you want it in the side bar ie: 12345 etc.. you can always go to widgets, and move it up or down, (by counting the TOP widget in your side bar as #1)
      5. To link an image back to another site, you first add it to a post,left click the image and choose the picture of the little mountain,( on the image itself), which is the edit image icon, then click (advanced), then add the URL of the other site at the bottom where it says: “Link”?

      It all sounds Much harder than it is…But, if you need any more help let me know. My Email Address can be found by clicking my Gravatar. Bless You


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