Another Side Of Time



                    There was –  A

                              Time  I  could            

                                                                                           Not  See,  As I                                                                                                                                                                    Was  Blind To                                                                                                                                                                    Others Needs.                                                                                             It  Was Lonely

                                                       Back Then,  In My B.C. But One Who Was Lonelier I’d                                                                                     Heard Died For Me. I Laughed It Off —For Many Years                                                                                  But When He Opened My Hearts Eyes and I Saw  Tears                                                                                 I  Tried To Run, Tried To Hide, A Well-Spring Below                                                                                                                               Awakened From                                                                                                                                                               a Stone Inside                                                                                                                                                                 Still  Spiritually                                                                                                                                                                 Awareness                                                                                                                                                                         Comes Slow                                                                                                                                                                     Ugly Pride Still                                                                                                                                                                 Reigns  Often                                                                                                                                                                   Self   Proclaims.                                                                                                                                                               Without    Cause,                                                                                                                                                            Innocent  of  Blame                                                                                                                                                       Died  On  A  Cross                                                                                                                                                          Better Side Of Time,                                                                                                                                                     Christ Return, My New                                                                                                                                                Heart Awaits Knowing                                                                                                                                              Complete Change Is By                                                                                           No Freak Twist Of    Fate.


                               Read The Red Words Starting Here


  1. I tried once again putting it back into the shape of the cross I wrote it in originally, to no avail— I should of known as I’ve spent several nights trying to since the changes were made to the editor page back then… Oh well. Maybe it will just fall back into place one day.


  2. Oh, by the way- this particular one was written in the format, or shape of the cross— but, back when WordPress made one of their infamous changes it fell apart, and I haven’t had the time to redo everything. Thank you again for the wonderful comments.


  3. You’re not driving me crazy…lol, … I gave you the Reader Appreciation Award because of ALL the great material I read at your site…that’s all I meant. You deserve it… As far as the Jesus, that’s my final answer badge, It’s not mine, but, I,ve had it posted on 2 different sites for over 2 years and no one has removed, or said anything about it as of yet. But, you could go to Photobucket and get it, as I did…if you would feel better by finding the persons URL, and posting it on your site, or linking back to it…
    I’m not sure what you mean about “Using a poetic license…I thought your poems were great. Bless You

    I apologize if I wasn’t funny… guess I said something the wrong way, but, I was only joking around, and never meant to offend you.


    • Oh, Paul–these problematic emails, eh?! No, I wasn’t offended! Just worried I’d torque-d YOU somehow. We’ll probably never get this straightened out, without voice-to-voice contact. But the “poetic license” deal had to do with something else entirely…..

      How ’bout we settle this like so: neither of us meant anything but good-humor, and gooder blessings! Soldier on, bro–I have to finish a short story, then tackle my next award speech. Pray for me! and I’ll return the favor with great Joy!

      Thanks–and Hasta la next time!


  4. Oh, “Brother”–I just read your comments over at my place and got all tied up in vocabulary, verse format, and cognitive-heart related knots! Can’t tell if you’re teasing me–“blonde”, though I’m brunette–or if I’m in trouble for “paraphrasing my own comment”!! (Re whatever I said about the Reader App Award–which ultimately led to you giving it to me, for reasons I’m not hopelessly lost about. I seriously need to rethink the wisdom of accepting awards…)

    Truthfully, I didn’t process “which” reader was being appreciated–confused (yes, I know who authors that) whether it’s me, for reading your blog, or vice versa, or none of the above. It’s another example of blog hokey-pokey (see brother Jim over at BlessedDad Weblog, if you’re not familiar)–or maybe I’ve just gone blog award loopy. That’s probably it.

    In my “speech”, I wanted to appreciate you and do you and your blog justice–did I fail miserably??

    The “Jesus” thing I wanted is on your Spiritual Food page. I did save it to my desktop–but the problem arose when I went to my “widgets” to try to put it on my sidebar. It asked for all kinds of info–image URL, title and something else. I may be completely beyond your help–but I could just put the slogan, absent the image, in a widget–that’s do-able, unless the saying itself is copyrighted. Is it??

    You know what? I’m just glad this whole “hokey pokey” rigmarole was part of God’s plan so that we could meet–and have fun chats back in forth. I so needed a Christian brother–and from your photo, I surmise I’m your big sister (as in “older” by–ahem–some number of years…). And hey, I notice Deb visits here–she’s my new adopted sister, the Best!

    Have an excellent evening, and a blessed day tomorrow!!!

    (Oh–you probably didn’t want a whole novel here, right?)


      • Just kidding…I got all that, ..really I did. So, to clear the “Blonde” thing up, I was replying to your “Previous” post…where you cleverly made this statement:
        “After all, if I have only one life to live here on earth, let me live it as a blonde—Er, blog award winner”.
        LOL, You are funny!!! I loved it…anyway, Yes, I am the one who gave you the “Reader Appreciation Award”..and in this case, as I really enjoy reading your articles, poems, prayers, and … the humor of course…I am appreciative of your work…So, I forwarded an Award that someone recently blessed me with.

        There, now that’s cleared up… Okay the Jesus, my final answer badge, and slogan are not mine.. but, I think you can find it on Photobucket, and then link it back to whom evers name and page it is on..Although, I seriously doubt they are the ones who made it up either.

        And you are right, if you are adding it as an Image, and not a Text, you just have to put the “URL” where it ask for it…@ the bottom you can add the Link…


        • Paul–at the risk of driving you as crazy as this sister undeniably is, I got the Blonde thing–and I love that. What I was fretting about was your comment re you not remembering me saying that I shouldn’t “entertain any ideas about collecting the award” I’d seen here on your blog (the Sunflower)–I wasn’t sure if you were holding me accountable for not “quoting myself accurately” in my acceptance speech….as though maybe it was wrong for me to use poetic license….So if you have a half second to clear up that, I’d be thrilled (or I could just take my own advice about “no condemnation”–in my post today!)

          Re the “Jesus” image–Much as I love it, it might make my life easier to just put the text, and if the text is copyrighted I may receive a “cease & desist” notice and have to remove it…….Lordy, Lordy.

          Thank you for your generous patience with me!!

          And now, for more fun, challenge and blessing, I received another award last night–which I’ll be passing on to torture everyone!!

          Have a great Friday, brother–and a blessed weekend in HIM! (I’ll be baaaa-ck)


    • Oh, but it is the first, and thank you so much…I’m going to go and get it too…I’ll proudly post it, and I pray that it is indeed His light that shines through…I will have to make my post about it a little later, as I want the cross to stay on my site a few more days…or, till at least a few friends from the bloggerhood get a chance to read it…But, I will follow through with the recommended procedure the next day or two…Bless You


  5. This is marvelous–and I love the cross format! I love that there are no “accidents or coincidences” with God. AND I am most grateful for the earlier comments, my “cheat sheet” to read the “reverse”. Sometimes I’m amazed at how hopeless I am to understand things–such as “gematria”. Paul, I looked it up–and I seem to be missing the connection you made in a comment on my acrostic….

    Also, any chance you could help me get that “badge”: “Jesus–that’s my final answer” onto my blog?

    God bless you big-time, brother!


    • Sure, If I can remember where it is on MY post…I once used it on a Christian Website I had up for a few years…till I realized…sometimes Chat rooms, Christian or otherwise can get confusing to folks…and , we know who the author of confusion is…Anyway, it’s not really my badge either, but, if you just copy image location where you find it @ Photo-bucket,and then link it back to the owner, I’m sure it will be fine. If you are online, I’ll go into details,.. Let me know.


  6. Very well crafted as I understand that this takes effort and repeated editing. My poetry is written in same syllabic count per line for the entire poem and it takes time to find the correct vocab and manipulate the sentence structure. I have a red letter New Testament but never saw a red letter poem. Artful and effective work.


    • Yeah, it takes a lot of re-editing, and used to be much easier before they changed the whole nav bar thing. They said it shouldn’t have anything to do with it, but, I was actually editing a post the night they changed the Nav Set-up, and went into the Forums and wound up catching one of the Techs who was explaining to 5 other people why what they were doing shouldn’t affect the Editing Page…Heh. Don’t know about the other 5 people who were NOT Happy that night, but, mine has never been the same. Especially when trying to do special Formatting …Oh well, it’s free, so ‘Who Ya Gonna Call”?


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