Stars   At

                                                          Night,   Clouds

                                                    By Day. Occasionally,

                                           Breath Is Taken Away At  The                                                                                            Sight Of Your Heavenly Wonders. Never                                                        An  Angel  Have  I  Seen, Though  Surely Their Presence                                                        In  My Afflictions  Have  Been,  Or, Were                                                                                   They Occasions Merely Unseen

                                                  Personal Visitations ?

                                                          Of   Mercy, And





  1. Hi Paul! :)

    Thanks as always for the visit and comment! :)

    Their latest trick is ingenious I have to admit!

    Can’t beat the system? Simply put yourself between the user and the Bank and hey presto!!! :)

    Wonder how the Banks are going to fix this one?

    Thank God for good Internet Security Programs!!! :)

    God Bless my friend!



  2. Hi, Annie, or Ron, or both… I appreciate everyone’s comments, but, for this time will reply collectively to all on your comment…as, Well, to be honest …I much rather look at my side bar and see all the beautiful faces of others…than to see ten of me…Bless You all…I will respond/reply on a more personal level later, as well as visit your sites in the meantime ..Bless You All


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