“Till The Potter Says I’m New”

May the Potter’s wheel keep spinning,

mold and chaff away…

Cleansing, cooling water,

wash more of me today.

Erasing that once I was,

within me a new heart create.

Life from youth, misguided truth.

From darkness of storm refuge.

Reflection in my mirror,

faces repugnant soul De jour.

You, the one who created me,

to be like you I long the more.

Each moment I blink, time moves on,

never to return again.

I pray thee Lord,

the Potter’s hand

shapes this man to be more like Him.

Jeremiah 18

Image @ neptuno



  1. Interesting, brother Paul, because I was trying to do a similar “potter’s wheel and clay” poem a couple nights ago, and it just wouldn’t take. So now I know God had reserved the fire for you!–I’m good with that, and we’ll see if mine comes together in a week or so…

    Okay, you wanted my link–haven’t had that request before, but here goes: http://caddoveil.wordpress.com

    (I don’t see any thing to click on, or highlight to make it happen, so I don’t know, bro)


  2. Paul, I love this poem… I personally always saw the potter’s wheel as an agent used by God to mold your will to his will thus transforming you into his image… After reading this I see and realize that the potter’s hands and wheel are also used to bring forth the healing and cleansing to our lives that is necessary before transformation in other areas of our life can begin… I also like the photo displaying the pliableness of the clay in the master potter’s hands…This is a “very” introspective, insightful and meaningful post… only the spirit of God could reveal this to you…

    Thank You! :)


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