Oh Where Is Mistress Muse ?

             Mistress Muse is a Sassy Lass

                    Blows in on the Wind leaves Twice as fast

              Best Be Plumed Quill in Hand

                    An  Erect Easel, with Keyboard  Manned

                  Else, Her Aura flutters Away.  

                 Self Phenomed Foolish Pride?

                   We Can’t be Distracted, or Preoccupied

                Mistress  Muse Shares  Nada.

                    Paint it, Write it, or Devil Wears Prada

                  Other Valentine’s Her Prowl.

                                                               Like Moonbeams Twinkling

                   Through Tinted Glass, Mistress Rests

                    Non – Subservience Passed

                   Those Recognizing Gifts  Put to Use

                     Capture the Moment Not  A

                         Second To Lose , But,   

                        Oh, Where Is Mistress Muse?





  1. She’s an elusive one, isn’t she!

    And then there’s times that she just sneaks up on you and expects you to drop everything and tend to her every whim!!

    It does not matter to her that you have something to do, or want a life, or are trying to make one…

    Diva, she is, that Mistress Muse…


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