“Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week):”Ready

These Two Are Ready for Bed. Dumplin rated movie bout Tin-Tin

   Boring and Her Daddy Needs A Comforter Over His Big Head.

       Allowed Me to Stay Up Later— to Watch Any Movie I  Like.

             As Long As It’s Starring Role Is Not played By Canine.

                    No Character Actors Named Rover, Spot or  Spike. 

                         Seems It Would Keep Them Awake At Night,

                            As Apparently All  B – Rated Movies Do,

                                They Rather Prefer Felix or Morris

                                   Even Garfield They Say will Do

                                      So, Guess I’ll Just Head –

                                         To Bed, As, I surely

                                            Wouldn’t Want

                                               To Disturb


                                                    Two                                                               They Even Dream Feline ↑


  1. Aw, these shwweeeet furbabes are totally squeezable! I could just squish ’em, myself. Love kitties, dogs, flying squirrels, birds, bunnies, horses, fish, you name it. We rescue it, and/or we adopt it. We are suckers for every furry, slimy or winged creature. ;) Your kitty cats are so adorable and the poem totally fits. Great post!


  2. This really is terrific, Bubba (do you remember that cartoon, “Tom Terrific”? oh well). I have a post coming up re cats/dogs you’ll probably like (but it’s not orig). Anyway, glad you liked my reblog, as that was my “new trick” of the week. You know how technically challenged I am! And while I’m bragging, although I couldn’t manage the Jesus badge we discussed–I did succeed in putting the “Joyful In God” badge up. Whew! I need a vaca!


  3. Hi Paul! :)

    Yes it’s Tuesday here and the weather is improving with bright sunshine, so the snow is melting for now! :)

    Yes, the weather is kind on nuts at the moment.

    The death toll has passed 200 in Europe as a whole and we’re just on the edge of it so we’re pretty lucky!

    Let’s hope you guys get a mild winter – as you say the weather has been crazy…

    God Bless my friend! :)



  4. Lololol… Being a cat-lover (Siamese Cats)… though I have not had one in a while since my husband is a dog lover (the Doberman kind). For the kid’s sake we have now met middle-ways with a toy poodle… LOL… This post made me laugh until I cried and reminded me of why I love cats so much… Yes indeed… I remember that look… Precious… :)


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