Potter’s Wheel (Song Lyrics)

You chose your way,

so I went mine.

I love you girl, I hope you’re doing fine.

I finally had to do what the good Lord told me was right.

Your face is burned in my mind’s eye,

but I finally learned sometimes it hurts to cry,

and with a brand new heart now I’m catching the next flight.

It’s amazing the things  Satan disrupts,

I think about Tillie, and if she’s had her pups,

and you all alone at home with that blown up car.

I wish I could, but, I could never be there,

I cry you to God every night in prayer…

If you would only surrender  girl…

He’ll meet you where you are.


My world keeps on spinning round and round.

And when it stops, my feet will be firm on the ground.

I shook hands with my maker…

And I surrendered to Him my will…

I’ll be a brand new man when I step off

His Potter’s Wheel.

Second Corinthians five seventeen , is the heart of the Gospel

if you know what I mean.

If not, you should, experience it for yourself.

Couldn’t do it alone, so I’m holding His hand.

Up until now I was a self-made man…

Lord with this mess I’ve made, I really need your help.

I pray to be humble, I pray your will.

I thank you for dieing on Golgotha Hill,

so I can be a new creature, let old things wash away.

Let me be not conformed to this world,

but rather transformed with my Lord.

And with a brand new mind…I die in Christ each day.

( chorus)

My world keeps on spinning round and round…

And when it stops, my feet’ll be on Holy ground.

I shook hands with my maker…

And I surrendered to Him my will…

I’ll be a brand new man when I step off,

His Potter’s Wheel


My world keeps on spinning round and round.

When it stops my feet will be on Holy Ground.

I shook hands with my maker,

and I gave Him my will…

I’ll be a brand new man when I step off

the Potters wheel…

I’ll be a brand new man when I step off…

His Potter’s…


©-paul willis-1999

 A few other songs here:

Walking Away Shot@ Brandies Stream Flickr


  1. WOW, Paul–breathtakingly beautiful, really. Moving, and that kind of pain that you know is for the best, but it doesn’t make it hurt less hard. Man oh man oh man… God bless you abundantly today, and always. (Oh, I see you got the brusharbors news–I sent you the email I mistakenly got, anyway–earlier today.)


  2. Haunting, moving, touching …just heading straight to the heart. These made me reflect deeply, “I shook hands with my maker…

    And I surrendered to Him my will…

    I’ll be a brand new man when I step off

    His Potter’s Wheel.”
    Sometimes when life is unkind when we were still alive, there’s a better, infinite place that awaits where happiness will never end. In a way, I know Whitney Houston is finally happy. We will miss her….no singer can compare to her voice…not anyone in the Grammy’s that I just watched.


    • Thank you,
      And Amen.
      And, I wish I could honestly say that surrendering my will to Him continued to be as easy as it was from the moment I walked away and wrote this song. It wasn’t. In fact, I am hard pressed every day to find reason to forgive myself for not staying in line with what I felt, and realized was His miracle working power in my life between 1999,and 2001.

      A link at the bottom will take you to a few other songs I wrote following this departure from my Egypt, in my journey with the Lord. One I wrote a few years after this was called: “Prodigal Son of the South”
      Please forgive the shabby recording, but, I was, as I am now limited on computer space and electronics…but, it pretty much sums up my life for the next 6 years, before the last two.

      Strangely enough, a traveling “Prophet” from Jamaica heard me sing my songs in a church one night in Cleveland Tennessee. After I sang the “Prodigal Son” song, he gave me a message he said was from God. The message, after he prayed and said…Bless this soul Lord,as He has written mightily from your word Lord…then he turned and told me: “God said you have written some wonderfully helpful songs for His Kingdom, and a powerful song with this “Prodigal Son of the South” But, even you do not yet understand the meaning behind the words you have written in this particular song.

      I admit, I didn’t believe he was speaking from God at that moment…
      But, I Know He Was Now…

      Thank God for second chances,.. and all the other’s He has graced me with.
      Bless You


  3. Thank you for these lyrics from the Potter’s Wheel. I didn’t know it, but liked it! And thank you for the Whitney song too. I can’t keep from crying yet each time I listen to her.
    God bless you, Paul, as you go His way today!


    • One of the best voices to ever grace planet earth. That’s my opinion anyway. my recollection of her goes back before the movie, to when she was a back up singer on a song she later recorded and popularized before the movie. The song was “I’m Every Woman” but was sang originally by Chaka Khan, of the band “Rufus”…The song was written by Ashford and Simpson. Whitney of course made it shine for the world. Also, “I Will Always Love You” was written by Dolly Parton, when her popularity and fame outgrew her young sidekick role on the “Porter Wagoner Show”,..(not sure if there was a romantic attachment) but, she wrote it for him, as he was apparently a little reluctant to let her leave the show, as he had discovered her, yadi yada..etc..

      Parton was to say a few years ago in an interview:

      “When I recorded that song I put money in the bank…but, when Whitney Recorded it…I BOUGHT THE BANK”

      Yes, Whitney will certainly be greatly missed.


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