“Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)”Regret

                                    Though   shadowed   from   the   viewer,

                                     Behooves even me, this photo, Regret.

                                         But seen right here, in black, above the last fret.                                          What e’er my regret may be,..   You tell me.


  1. Hey, thought I’d finally return a comment your way and check out your blog… I must say it looks pretty good, although I’m not gonna lie, I have a heard time appreciating anything but prairie poetry (perhaps due to my prairie roots). So I really have no worthwhile comments to add at this moment, Though I do have a degree in Bib Lit, so if you every get more into the bible than the odd poem here and there I’m sure I’d have a word or two to say.


    • Well, you could click the “Spiritual Food” tab and probably read for days…comments included…might even find a “Prairie Poem” among those under the “Poets Corner” tab…Although, to be honest, and meaning no disrespect, but, my few years living in Illinois prairie country years ago…lacked too many trees, and curves for my taste.. If I were to write a poem on the Champagne – Urbana Illinois area..would probably go something like…

      Far, Far I look away, and nothing I see everyday, is any different from here to Decatur; Miles and miles of railroad track, prairie dogs, and grain elevators. Missing my home, for a tree, a curve, or hill I quake…Illinois has great pizza… But the land is flatter than a pancake.


  2. Is it love? Is it a missed opportunity? Is it something you wanted when you were younger but didn’t do? I can go on and on my friend….An enjoyable post that makes you think…really deep. have a fun and memorable day. Hope you had an awesome Valentine’s Day….
    p.s. is it about the V-day? Hmmm….


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