I Love And Still Wonder

I love Jesus, Mama, Granny, and Pa.

Daughter, Grandson,  Sisters… My Darling Wife who gives her all.

My daddy, and…. a whole lot of cousins I barely ever knew.

I loved music, horses, cooking and dogs.

Cats adopted me, so, I fed their cause,

Actually found myself in love with them, allergies, paws and all.

How awesome they’ve all been…  Why now do I see stained glass

visuals of King David dancing naked with his harp before all the kingdom?..

Yet, only an audience of two?

The “One” he danced for, was all the inspiration he needed to perform,

Though, the one peering from the window above in disdain, saw not the Art at all.




  1. Just caught your second comment! :)

    Yup: It takes a while to evaluate a problem, but the clues were there and all I had to do was link them to recent changes.

    My doctor would happily chuck pills at me rather than confront the problem head-on as pill dispensing saves him going deeper into the subject…

    Consider Aspartame KICKED!!! LoL!!!

    What shocked me was the amount of stuff it’s used in despite concerns regarding its health effects!!!

    Trouble is that the patent on Aspartame runs out soon, so we’ll be seeing it sold by a lot more companies…

    God Bless!



    • Yeah…the viscous cycle… Doctor, Lawyer, Insurance and Pharmaceutical company paradox… not to worry though, soon the Federal Reserve will print enough worthless paper…we will all settle those so called class act court cases together on a Monopoly Game Board, while we share pretend easy-bake oven cookies over a plastic Barbie Doll Tea Set Party…
      I still love Batman the best…


  2. Good piece Paul! :)

    Thanks for the visit and comment! :)

    Doug paid me back the money he owed me, but the door chain stayed ON…

    Never felt afraid of anyone until yesterday – usually I am anxious about leaving home and being victimised by our teens as a group – but Doug has crossed the line from deviant to knife wielding nutter!!! :(

    God Bless!



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