Last Train To Clarksville

Davy Jones, of the 60’s TV show and rock band the Monkees has gone too soon at the young age of 66. Rest in peace Davy…I’m still a “Daydream Believer”. All Images @ Flickr




BACKYard Woods


  1. Nice to see your mention of Davy Jones.
    Very briefly, the first half of my life was totally engulfed in the music industry, lived, breathed, drank and ate it! The second half…well that\s a whole different story. But from the age of 13 that was it, I had found my pathway in life..Music!
    In 1969 I went to LA to play the Greek Theatre, after the show Davy Jones (amongst others) came back stage to say hello. From that moment on we just hit it off, and when ever I was in LA (which was only once or twice) he would insist that I stay with him at his place in the Hollywood Hills with him and his family, first wife Linda and baby Tahlia. David was a true gentleman, a Pro, a real nice person. He was never the superstar, always just another nice guy. He has left us too soon, and will be missed by, probably thousands, but let us all spare a thought for his family, his children and his grandchildren God bless him he made a lot of people very happy. RIP David.


    • Thanks Nancy,
      Yes this was very sad. I watched his life story on the BIO channel, and a week later he passed away. He was still actively singing from what I understand. For sure he still was last year when they made the Do-Whop Public Television special. Ever how you spell Do-Whop. Sad,,,real sad.
      Bless You


  2. Thanks for this info! Boycotting the TV news and most of the print media, often leaves me out of the loop for some of these bits of info. I was a great Monkees fan, too! To this day, whenever Hubs and I drive through Clarksville, GA, we start to sing that song! Good memories. Do you know how he died? I saw him recently on a rerun of an “Extreme Makeover-Home Edition” in which he was contributing some of his memorabilia for the Mom in the family.


    • Apparently it was a heart attack…sad, yes, I recently, just last week in fact saw a Doc/Biography TV show on his life, and he said though he never used drugs before a show or anything…He did down a lot of “Red Bull” have to wonder if it was a contributing factor. I commend you on your choice of boycotts…”Spooky Dude” George Soros has the final say in what is reported globally anyway.
      Bless You


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