Sunrise May Turn Out The Lights

The Sun burst forward Tuesday evening with the largest Solar Flare in over five years. According to the Federal Space Weather Prediction Center, in Washington D.C., the flare, or charged particles of the burst, should reach earths atmosphere around 7A.M. Eastern Time, tomorrow morning.(Thursday, March 8, 2012)

Forecasters say the flare is rapidly increasing in size, and holds possible threats to power grids, GPS, Air traffic controls, (both in the air, and on the ground). 

Scientist Joe Kunches, of the National Oceanic, and Atmospheric Administration said; “It’s hitting us right in the nose”, calling it the sun’s “Super-Tuesday”.

The initial affects of the particular solar storm could last through Friday, and also have several after flashes even into next week. According to these same forecasters, the charged particles will hit the earth at 4 million miles per hour.

Meanwhile, back on the sun, other sunspots are poised to explode projectiles towards earth. Scientist are unsure of the impact, or damages these particles may inflict on earth when it hits, and at this time, they, like the rest of us can only wait and see.

From another perspective, Solar physicist, Alex Young told AP news from NASA headquarters, “It could give us a bit of a jolt, but is far from a Super-Solar-Storm”.

According to Kunches, of the Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, a weaker eruption took place last Sunday, and the affects Earth may see in the skies Thursday evening, at least as far south of North America as the “Great Lakes”, will be quite the light show. That is, if they are not masked by the full moon that takes place the same night.

The bad effects will possibly out weigh any wondrous light shows, however, as there’s an unusual occurrence of three different types of storms combined…  Sort of, “The Perfect Solar Storm” if one can say”perfect” in this scenario at all.

Nothing is certain, but their is potential for wide spread danger ranging from magnetic, and radio interference, and radiation contamination, according to Kunche.

Power companies across the globe have been alerted of possible outages.

In 1989, a strong solar storm left Quebec in the dark to the tune of 6 million homes.

Airlines have averted some of their flight patterns already, as radiation around the north and south poles will likely be increased.

Other problems could be realized in wi-fi, cell phones, and satellites.  (both in signals and physical positioning).

No extra precautions are being implemented at this time to protect the Astronauts, or the International Space Station, according to NASA spokesperson, Rob Navias.   

I have to believe those people would be somewhat comforted knowing we are at least taking the time to say a prayer for them.

Incidentally… falling space junk can be hazardous to your health…




  1. Hi again Paul I meant to remind you with the King of Kings Friendship Award there are no rules, it is indeed more like a blessing and some call it that, which means you don’t have to respond anymore unless you choose to.

    I looked back on some of our corespondence HMMMMMMMMM

    Take Care- Christian Love Anne


  2. Hi Paul, just in case you miss my reply I’m posting it again for you here but first we will be in prayer, the fallout my continue for a few days if their calculations are correct.

    We are very thankful Paul you are part of the Body of Christ and our Brother in the Lord, we are Family we are one and we are also very apprecitive that you have accepted the King of Kings Friendship Award or Blessing as some call it. I look forward to sharing with you again too and I’m sure Ron would like to add to the conversation when you post in future.

    I’m not sure how we lost contact but sometimes these things happen, I think the last time we were in touch there was a lot of Awards being presented, I still have some to Post so I have been very busy meeting new Bloggers which is something I really enjoy but it does limit my time and I’m always sorry that I have lost contact with others but today is another day.

    I’m pleased Paul you found my comment – Christian Love Anne.


    • Thank You…I appreciate that. I haven’t seen many reports of any damage due to the solar storm, yet, though the area predicted to be affected U.S. wise, down through the lower Great Lakes area have reported some sightings, etc. As far as the weather, in the northern U.S. in particular, they say it’s the 4th warmest winter on record. Thanks again for the re-blog.


  3. Hey, I just had another thought!!! If you make a habit of digging through the AP material — and probably other sources as well — that early in the mornings, why don’t you consider a news blog site? You know … basically an online newspaper. I know major news outlets have an online presence, but as you said, none of those even reported on this event. And smaller online papers are becoming very popular in a large sector of the world. A good friend of mine — a newspaper editor — started one. As a matter of fact, he was also offered a job with a big private online paper that comes out of Chicago. If you started reporting regularly on the things you uncover, you might be surprised at the number of people who would follow your news site consistently.

    Don’t you just love it when your friends think of all kinds of other jobs for you to take on?


  4. And there shall be “signs in the heavens ….” Great job, Paul! I was thinking about my grandmother. When I was a kid and anything important went wrong with electricity, or technology of any sort (and there wasn’t as much back then), she would say, “It’s sunspots.” Every time we have a few days when my computer and several other people’s are acting up, I think about that, and now ……

    But seriously, have you noticed that so often major events like this coincide closely with major upheavals that are occurring with Israel. Even UFO sightings (which I believe are angelic beings, by the way — both God’s and Satan’s). A study done several years ago showed that every time there was a huge rash of UFO sightings around the world, there was something major taking place with Israel (a couple wars, other attacks, and/or political bullying, etc). It seems as though during those times — when we know God’s angelic hosts are out there working and fighting throughout the atmosphere for Israel — people see objects in the atmosphere that don’t relate to anything recognizable. I personally believe they are God’s angels — and often even demonic beings — doing battle for Israel. And, of course, God’s angels are protecting that nation as well.

    As I wrote in my article about the killer storms not being from God, I personally do not believe God is “judging” anyone or any nation on the earth right now. I believe we are still in the time of Jesus’ commission to the church to take His mercy and grace to all the world and continue the work He began. And He said very specifically that He did not come to judge. There is definitely coming a time of God’s judgment, but I think it will wait until the appointed time of grace and mercy has been fulfilled. But this world is still operating under the curse that was brought about by sin, and that means there are catastrophic activities that take place in this earth and its atmosphere. Whenever the nations move against Israel, it seems to me that they open up the doors to more of those cataclysmic events taking place. Israel is currently in an extremely dangerous position, and her leaders WILL strike out to protect her. With so many nations — including ours — pushing her to hold back — and trying to shame her for even considering protecting her people — rather than promising her help — I have been wondering if we were not prepping for some more of those “signs” in the heavens and on the earth as well.

    Just a thought … well … a very loooooong thought.


  5. Thanks for the alert Paul!

    just catching up on your emails – and yes, definitely NOT good news!!!

    they’ve been warning of just these sets of events for a decade – let’s hope no damage is done as I live out of my freezer and a power loss could be critical…

    God Bless!



  6. Thank you for sharing this. :)

    Also, I wanted to say thank you for reading and commenting on my “Fight, Flight or Freeze” post. However, due to heavy snowfall, my trip has been postponed to the last week of march. So I’ve unpublished’ that post.


    • Interesting indeed…not sure if you read my first draft…as I thought I needed to race to beat the 6 o’clock news…only to find they didn’t even mention it…and the world news scraped it across the screen as an after thought to their entire broadcast…but, I went back in…yeah…with no assistance… and Eeek…Revised it…”Incidentally, falling space junk can be hazardous to your health”!!!


  7. Thanks for the update. I heard it is supposed to be an X1 flare, much more powerful than the M-flares we’ve been having. When we get up to an X6 or X7 or more, then we’re really in trouble.


    • I really thought I would be behind if I took the time I needed to write the article; “Sunrise May Turn Out The Lights” the way I should, as I discovered the story @ around 5 P.M., and thought it would surely be a 6 O’clock top of the hour Story… Only to find…

      I should have known better, as of course, the Global Bankers Community own the Secular Media…and ..after I posted it …”on the fly”, Minutes before the 6 o’clock news, then realized the Local Channel never even mentioned the Solar Storm was headed our way…

      To top that off, I watched the World News afterwards, and they only mentioned it as a casual after thought at the end of their program.

      So, to make a long story longer…
      I went back and edited the article a bit…I thought you would appreciate it…over your coffee and donuts…At Tim Hortons…..that was a friendly joke…hope you got it…and hope you read the final draft…

      Anyway …


  8. It is astonishing that such events 93 million miles away can have such dramatic effect. Gingrich spoke about this a while back and was pretty much ridiculed by the press and many others. A nuke detonated above ground could do the same thing paralyzing an entire continent and lead to unconditional surrender by the victim area to the attacker.


    • Ridiculed by the press…imagine that…Now I know why my local 6 o’clock news channel made NO mention of it at all tonight, and the World News barely skimmed it in the last segment of their broadcast…minutes after I had “Published” across the web. I must admit, when I found it digging through the AP stuff…@ like 5 oclock this afternoon I was reluctant to try and write about it, thinking…by the time I finished it, it would be already broadcast as “Headline#1” worldwide…But, I was wrong…and glad I went a head and wrote it…hmmm, the Media…I wonder if George Soros has anything to do with that? LOL


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