“Gone Phishing” In Case You Didn’t Know…

Today’s internet is, as most of us know, literally “Crawling” with waggling, viral marketing fish bait. It’s not that advertising is a bad thing either. It’s just that among all the flashy lures, cures, tours, and plugs, it can be all too easy for the average internet user to forget, or overlook the reality of “Thugs”‘.

Scams are so rampant in today’s information highways, and buy- ways, that, ironically, innocent sounding titles have been tagged them to distinguish their designated target venues.

ie:   Phishing:    Most likely we’ve all heard the term, and experience some form of it on a daily bases while on- line.

Phishing = Email Info Snatchers…Phishermen.  One prime example of this would be an Email that reads something to this affect:

“During our regular verification of accounts, we couldn’t verify your information. Please click here to update and verify your information.”


No legitimate company will EVER ask you publicly/online, or otherwise for your password etc…

You’re already aware of the preceding information I’m sure, but please continue to read, as there is a boon of   a  PC Security/Privacy Nugget”   for everyone,  I assure you, within this dispatch.

Vishing = telephone call ”  that is either seeking your personal info…by means of offering a sweepstakes, or, yadi yada   “You Won  A  Car AND  2.8 Million Bucks”   type pitch.  Or, going straight for your financial juggler by asking you to buy a  “Pre-Paid Credit Card”  to identify yourself, and, or, send your winnings to:

( They would of course put a minimal price for you to shuck out for the card, which, in turn, once they have your info including the card # goes directly to their UN-registered account)


Probably the sneakiest form of internet phishing, at least on an individual bases,  comes via  a “Text Message” and is known as:  Smishing

Unsuspecting “Text” addicts…er, I mean, text recipients tend to believe all text messages directed to their personal space have their best interest at heart...Sad…But True…

Okay, so it’s unlikely they can get all your info and capitalize on it via either of these approaches alone, right?  Well, yeah, but, if you happen to click onto one of the innocently enough looking “Fraudulent Web-Sites” okay…you get the point.

Incidentally,  Phraudsterz don’t  have to individually wipe us out financially to get rich off of us…a simple, overlooked $3.85 charge to your bank account…x 3 million people…well, you do the math:     ( It’s Happening Daily )

So, where’s the  ( PC Privacy/Security Nugget) previously promised you in all of this?

It’s coming…“tRUST Me”   Muwuahahahaaaaaa

But first…Please get these simple  “DO’S and DONT’S”  into your everyday conciseness….

  •   Never disclose your passwords (including your PIN and personal access code) to anyone
  • Do not set your email program to “auto-run” attachments –always check to run your antivirus software when an email attachment is received.
  • If you are unsure of the authenticity of an email, call your online provider, and then, and only after their acknowledgment and direction delete the Email  ( BUT DO NOT OPEN IT )
  •  Before entering confidential or financial information online, check for the browser,  lock    Icon, which  means that your data is encrypted and cannot be read …
  • And now from me to you as just another concerned cyber citizen…the “Nugget” you’ve all been waiting for:
  •  (and for those of you who may already know this tiny bit of information,  the internet pirate’s best kept secret, and the average JILL, N, JOE,  saving grace) : (Gloat Elsewhere)
  • Do not choose the “save password on this computer” option

And, what the heck does that mean in plain English?   You may ask!!!

Here it is:   Plain and simply stated:   In your browser: ( above everything on the page )

#1 Click on “Tools”      

#2  “Options”

#3 “Security Tab”

#4 In that window:  ( Un-Click Remember Passwords For Sites)

It’s a matter of security…all they have to do to know everything about you and where you go ( including online banking sites ) is your passwords...( Don’t Make It That Easy) Do Not Let Your Computer Remember Passwords For Sites)

NEXT POST COMING SOON: How to Slow Smoke Eastern North Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork…

I Promise: How To Roast A Pig!!!!     Don’t be stuck like one…



  1. “Someone” in my family bought a wal mart gift card! The lady on the phone insisted. Hmm that would be me or my hubby. NOT. I was half asleep so I argued with her on the phone until I realized I could just hang up! Thanks for all of the good advice. Even if you know most of it’s always good to be reminded as we are a forgetful people as the Bible says.


  2. Hi Dude! :)

    I’m with you on all of these!

    The latest scam runs to two pages and is a gushing letter from a young lady desperate to re-acquaint herself with you after a long absence, just click on the link to… yes we spotted that the visible email address hides a second address where you are REALLY being sent to…

    So many people get suckered by these scams, but I am careful to the point of paranoia, so I have (So far) not been caught although three of my friends were caught and I got phishing emails from their email accounts.

    Thankfully these days hotmail has a hot link to send a warning! :)

    God Bless my friend!



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