I’m Still Gone Fishing…

As I told my friend Sandra ( Exceptional Friend, and Prolific Writer)…

Sandra Conner

“I’m afraid Hemingway met his fate after realizing when he wanted to stop drinking…it was his only muse all along…So, I’ve decided to give it up”..

“The writing that is”..
Besides, as far as a post…Black Tele said it all loud and clear without my help…and what she didn’t say regarding my personal state of mind… “Craig Fuller Said in 1972, in this song :

Please Enjoy The Music while your party is being reached:

“The Norman Rockwell Is A Trail Warmer Too”



  1. Thank you for the kind words. But that makes it all the harder to preach at you. However, I never let that stop me, so here goes:

    It’s okay to “go fishing” for a little while, but then you must remind yourself that you’re called to be a “fisher of men.” You have too much of importance to share to drop out of circulation on the Internet. I have come to realize that this venue has the potential of reaching more people with God’s love than any other venue or vehicle that has ever been in existence since the beginning of the world. When I see the hundreds of hits on the sites from scores of different countries, I am awed by what God can do with a simple little post that tells the world He loves them and wants to help them. And that’s the key. We are telling THE WORLD here. And it doesn’t have to be a whole sermon. That’s the beauty of it. It can be one picture or one small post, added to another small post, added to another picture, added to ……

    So take a break if you must, but don’t be gone too long: don’t throw away the opportunity to use your gifts and your knowledge of His Word to reach millions.

    This past week, I was communicating with the administrators of the parent organization under which my ministry (Radical About Jesus) operates. One of the things I said to them during that conversation is this: I have been amazed at the people who will open themselves up to receiving something from God via these blogs. I have the opportunity to influence and affect more people for the Lord with one blog than I could by pastoring a church or 500 or 1,000 people. So do you.

    By the way, I am now administrating a brand new blog devoted exclusively to focusing on Jesus the Healer – the same yesterday, today, and forever. So if you know anyone in need of the Lord’s healing touch, send them over. Here’s the link:


    God bless you richly.


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