Obey Propaganda Fender Squier Telecaster

This is the latest addition to my art gallery of Telecasters. What possessed me to buy something with such  sadistic looking graphics? You’re probably asking yourself. Your guess is as good as mine. I actually wondered the same thing about the Artist ( Shepard Fairey) and his fixation on “Obey Propaganda” in his highly popular works of art. I went here OBEY, to his about page and read in his words EXACTLY what he means by the statement.   I STILL DON’T HAVE A CLUE.obey telecaster 008

obey telecaster 001

Wait what was that noise?




ALIVE….hEL-P obey telecaster 002


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    • I’m still working on it…did the intonation twice,,straitened the neck…still don’t hold tune to my liking…so, although all the online guitar tech people claim it’s rarely due to cheap machine heads…I’m going with my personal experience.. . and trying to find the best replacements I can, as.though after 35 years of playing them,,I’ve just recently decided to try my hand at Guitar Teching…I have found that 90% of the time a guitar drops tune it’s because of the “Tuners”…Duh….anyway, I could be wrong …again….


    • It plays so good, Pren, I’m tempted to paint over the artwork and play it myself…But, though not as sacrilegious a Pick Head move as Kyle Busch, busting the Hand Painted by Sam Bass, straight from the factory in Kalamazoo, custom Les Paul Trophy he won in 2009 Nationwide race in Nashville…Even though I don’t care for the artwork…it is what it is, and apparently many out there love his work…
      But, yes, being a “Standard” base helps it a lot, being a Telecaster perfects it, but, and to be honest, I’ve played Mexican AND American Standard Tele’s( Non- Squier) that didn’t play as good as this one…they just cost a lot more…But, then this one is no longer manufactured, and was somewhat limited upon production, or, so I’m told…Anyway, thanx Pren…


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