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Where’s the real entertainment these days? Where’s the TV, and Broadway flare when we need it the most? Were Walter Matthau, and Jack Lemmon living imitations of art, or,  as two Grumpy Old Farts, just emulating artful life?

In the late 1960’s I grew up hearing elder peers singing, and shouting quotes from TV shows they grew up on in the 1950’s  (Before Reruns Existed) … Then came shows I now remember, and love from the late 1960’s and early 70’s.

In my minute, miniscule world back then…the Big Screen Rock Stars were Cartoon Characters, Super Heroes, and of course, Cowboys. Today, with many networks broadcasting reruns of black and white TV shows from the 1940’s and 50’s, I find myself watching them more than the new shows.

Don’t get me wrong,  I do love a few of the so called “Reality” shows, as obviously scripted as they are. Mainly, on occasion, I watch these to see the antique, and collectible items passed across the counter of  “Pawn Stars”, or picked from a junk pile on “American Pickers”, or, even carefully dug out from the bottom of stacks of some poor saps bad luck locker, on “Storage Wars”.

Still.  As a picker of antique, and collectible items myself for many years, enough to know that no one runs across such sweet, priceless, treasures day after day, week after week, or even in a year, the allure to those type rating rigged shows has left the entertainment longing storage space of my mind picked clean.

As much as I do love seeing those nostalgic items unearthed episode after episode, the reality of such reality shows, is really not real enough to fill the void I have for “Real” T.V… I mean…”Really”?

Recently, after tiring of a fore mentioned type shows, I  found myself watching back to back episodes of some of the newer drama, and cop shows. The problem I’ve found with that is…they are all based basically around the same set of circumstances, and themes. Inevitably, regardless if the shows are written by the same people or not, the story lines often mirror one another.

These shows are framed mostly around F.B.I., or some other Government agency teams tracking down unknown suspects based on profiles the team collectively surmises via observing patterns, and applying assumed psychological traits of behavior to the unknown suspects they refer to as the “Unsub”.

One question I kept hearing in my mind while watching these shows is…

“However entertaining watching back to back episodes of stimulating, suspense filled, action packed T.V. is…   just how healthy can absorbing the twisted psyche, thoughts, and cruel intentions of 4 or 5 different “Serial Killers” in one sitting be”?

Okay.,.   Has anyone seen the remote?

I probably should mention that I do spend as much of my T.V. viewing time as possible listening to a good  sound doctrinal sermon, or, history lesson. But, they are getting harder and harder to find it seems.

Nonetheless, all is not lost in my hopes of finding a brand spanking new means of viewable media pleasure and diversion to occupy some of my time…

“The Classics”

That’s right…All those black and white, screwball, or colorful slapstick song filled movies your mama used to watch on Saturday afternoons. Well, I never saw them. And, what’s even better is I now know  I never knew what I was missing. But, I’m glad I did miss them back then because now, they are ALL Brand New To Me!!!  In fact, until this year I had never even seen: “It’s a Wonderful Life”

I have much to look forward to now, in the way of viewing entertainment…I think I’ll begin by watching “Grumpier Old Men”  for the fourth time…Gotta Love Ole Dick Head and Putz!!! 54bd47a1[1]

Grumpy Old Men # 1= 1nOnlyBrownEyes’s Media

Grumpy Old Men # 2=Glawhornes Media


  1. TLC what a joke it now is. Instead of The Learning Channel it could now be called Trash Loving Channel. I agree with everything you said. How anyone can think that all of those murder shows can be a good thing is beyond me. It just gives the crazy people more ideas.

    Youtube has a lot of old comey on it. My husband watchs mostly that stuff now since TV has become so useless. I like some of the old BBC stuff. Some nights there is nothing on!


  2. How timely, in every sense of the word. Great to see your appreciation of such choice characters :)

    I fell in love with the CSI and cop shows too, and then found myself turning off halfway through because I ‘knew how it was going to go’, and then turning off a quarter way, and then not even watching. Just no surprises.

    Great post – & it’s great to visit, see you so well :) Bless you, & your wife.


  3. It is so good to see you back Paul, we missed you and yes I agree where have all the good shows gone but to be honest I dont watch T.V much anymore I read Blogs. I was so upset with what was presented as good viewing, I decided I better switch it off or I would be taken away for abusing a T.V and talking back to it if not throwing something at it … are they for real where have all the Christians gone, why have they not protested or are they like me and they didn’t ‘t know.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne


  4. The classics are good – though some people – like my own boy wonder why they would ever want to watch anything not made in the millennium in which they were born – never mind in black and white. I’m working on him – Bladerunner will be the start of it.
    Meanwhile – as an alternative for you – do you have access to the Danish and Scandinavian dramas? Borgen, The Killing, the Bridge or the second version of Wallander? All rich and absorbing.


  5. I love the old comedies and t.v. series. Simple, effective, umcomplicated as compared to today’s reality t.v. series. There are several funny shows I’d been watching but every time I see old shows including cartoons, they bring back happy, nostalgic memories. Something we all need every now and then. Happy New Year!


  6. We don’t watch that much TV, but I did enjoy watching The Voice last season (it’s a singing competition, but the judges aren’t mean and snarky to the contestants.) My favorite part of the show is when the judges pick singers based on how they sound without seeing them at all. In this superficial world, that is appealing to me.

    Hope you enjoy watching the classic movies. There’s something to be said for the movies that first executed a story line well :)


  7. Read Enoch 3 also. So interesting how you’ve pieced it with the pyramids. The book is an interesting read expounding on our holy Bible. I listened to it on audio book in a flat tone, and YouTube has an audio read also but with the dramatic music and sounds playing. I’ll be glad when they allow the obvious emotion in the bible reading audio. I’m looking for the lost book of Mary on audio. Do you know
    there have been several copies found. I think
    one would be clear where Jesus kissed her. I
    always did wonder how Jesus could be
    tempted in all points such as adultery etc… if he wasn’t married.
    Favored Lady


    • Happy New Year…Good to see you again…
      Jesus’ adultery, had He ever stooped to it would of been of the spiritual kind…infidelity to God. We both know that never happened. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find that Jesus kissed Mary, as it is still a Jewish tradition…but, anything more than that … Is a figment of Dan Browns imagination. A clever book selling stratagem to make up for his lack of writing skills…In my opinion anyway…
      Bless You


  8. The old shows were intended as pure entertainment and did just that – entertain.

    Today it’s the same tired old formulae in show after show.

    I watch ‘Doctor Who’ because it is truly entertaining and I loved it since I was a child with it’s ‘abandoned quarry as alien planet’ locations and ‘stitched together’ monsters.

    These days the budget is bigger, but it remains fun and well written.

    Probably why Star Trek lasted so long and produced so many excellent spin-offs…

    Happy New Year my friend! :)



      • Hi dude! :)

        Thanks for the comment! :)

        Yeah – the taxes go up!!! So what else is new… (sigh).

        Yes Doctor Who is a pretty good series.

        He gets to regenerate so he has as many lives as he wants, each character unique, but larger than life! :)

        I’ve been taping the series since they returned to it and although I missed a couple (thanks Darrell) I have most of them to enjoy on occasion! :)

        You have a great New Year my friend and God Bless!



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