God Sent Me A Valentine

Many Enlightening  Glimpses,

Sweet Life Oft Entails.

Mystery Complete, Even When Partially Veiled.

Waste Never A  Precious Moment.RedRoseImage[1]

Enjoy Love As It   Befell.

Fear Not Things Not Yet  Seen

Cherish    The    One    You    Hold.

I  Worship God With All Due Thanksgiving

Fulfilling Me With You, Who Completely Fits The Mold.


  1. Hi Paul! :)

    Thanks for the visit and comment! :)

    Yeah he got me to the church ten minutes early, but was really ticked off at me for being a Christian – but then he WAS Muslim! :)

    One of my Muslim friends invited me to become a Muslim, but I told her I was a Christian! :)

    Yeah I guess you can only produce something new if it comes to you fresh and bright.

    There are too many tribute bands who never produce anything of their own…

    Sounds like the weather here on Sunday.

    Today it’s dry though and tomorrow we’ve been told to expect some snow again – I guess old man Winter isn’t done with us just yet… :)

    Stay warm and safe my friend! :)

    God Bless!



  2. Beautiful words of wisdom Paul, thank you for sharing them, God has planted within the hearts of His Children a need to give and receive Love and when we give willingly to bless others we too are greatly blessed.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne


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