“Roll Away the Stone” Chapter 10

           He is like a tree planted beside streams.
       A tree that produces fruit in season
          and whose leaves do not wither.
               And what it produces thrives.

A well cultivated field will grow what the farmer intended it to grow. If one is in the Word of God, who planted us to begin with, and keeping in good company of fellow flowers, and not the weeds, they will absorb the sustenance of living waters, and grow as a tree planted by the waters of a river bank. This of course is not to say that we are to live separate from, or alienate the rest of the world, but only that we are separate in the way we live.

We also have a hope for a future existence long after this present physical life. A life increasingly better, and more abundant. Not just a temporal here today, gone tomorrow.  But we have been given this choice of eternal security, as a gift. And we live among others in this world who need to know Gods grace as well.

Just as weeds grow among flowers, we live among some not yet in the light of God’s love. How will they know of it, if all we do is attend church, and church socials, geared only to edify those already in the church?

Matthew 5:14
Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

All too often though, we as the children of God can allow our selves to become shaded from His light by becoming entangled with artificial intrigue, and deceptive lures of the adversary. Like a corn plant, that would otherwise be producing goodness for the world to seek as nourishment, stooping to admire the deceptive beauty of a morning-glory flower only to become wrapped, and smothered by its suffocating vine, so could it be in the life of a child of God.

All hope is not lost if this happens, however. For just as the farmer can prepare the field, before a wild-flower like the morning-glory can completely take over, He can also plow and hoe the weeds away from the corn. The child of God is exactly like the corn plant in that situation. But, without the love and caring actions of the farmer, we will soon wither away and die. The Word of God is what we need to inhibit and reverse any harmful effects of such life stealing substances, and influences in our lives as children of God.

If one has withered somewhat, or drifted away, all we have to do is reach out for the farmers loving hand. Although you may feel it will depress you if you read the wrong verse, or chapter, of His Word, when you are feeling down, the truth is, maybe you have only drifted from the nourishment that keeps us from withering in our spirit, but have not yet become entangled. I have drifted at times and felt the same thing about getting back into His word, but thankfully, our Father God will not leave us to wither away.

If  He finds even the slightest ray of hope in us, like a tiny sprig reaching out from the dead crusty hardened trunk of a tree not planted on the banks of a flourishing river, God’s Word will bring water to us. Or, if  a bird has taken the seed and dropped it on rocky, non-productive ground, He will bring the water to us through His Word, and continue to shine His light on us until the rivers of living waters are once again flowing from within us to other needy plants, and flowers, in the Garden of the Lord. Read His Word written just for you, and share the blessings of goodness it produces with all the world.

 I will be like the dew to him;  He shall grow like the lily, and lengthen his roots like Lebanon.                                                                                                                                                       Hosea 14:5

The first thing a Christian must learn to do to enable God’s gift within us to produce noticeable fruit, is to learn to rest secure in “The Finished Works of Jesus” on the cross for us individually. According to God’s Word, (Many examples including Moses) one can become saved and live a life of struggles and never reach the “Kingdom of God,” or, “The Promised Land” until the day of Jesus’ return. How sad that would be for a child of God.

Jesus already suffered and died, to purchase with His own blood, abundant life for us to enjoy here and now. In other words, the Kingdom is at hand, and we must seek what ever it takes to receive and walk in that promise from Him. What is it that we must seek? How do we rest? For me it is to seek His face. This may sound a little too cliché to many, so I’ll put it this way. It is basically impossible to think of Jesus and the things He went through for us, while thinking of sinning at the same time. Of course, we can shut the thoughts of Him out of our hearts, and minds, and do the thing the adversary has tempted us with. Thankfully, we don’t have to though, as along with eternal life, and reconciliation to our heavenly Father, Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection has given us power to overcome sin.

This of course is not to say I am perfect, or have reached the place of a completely sinless life. But, my rest is in what He has already done for me. Just as the flower, or corn plant, in the garden springs forth life and love in response to the light giving, warm and loving sunshine, the more we drink in the water of His Word, the more love we produce. Not only do we produce good fruits for others around us, but we also develop much more love for Him. Respectively, from His nurturing love for us, and our growing love for Him, we begin to produce nourishing fruit, both physically, and spiritually.

Until Jesus comes back for His children, we will not all be completely sinless. But, from glory to glory, because of His love for us and our growing love for Him, we instinctively DO  Sin less.

© paul willis-2013

Flower Image From Dodo278



  1. I can relate to several things in this post. Drifting: I’ve drifted several times, thankfully I haven’t strayed so far away I couldn’t find my way back. It’s just too easy to let other things get in the way. I agree that reading the Bible gives us nourishment we need for our souls to thrive.


  2. Phew! :)

    Quite a blog entry my friend! :)

    I try and live my life as if there is a God, for it is better to believe in Christ and be wrong than live as if there is no God and be wrong!!! :)

    God Bless my friend!

    I clicked on the ‘like’ button twice! Oops!!! :)



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