Native American Art

I’ve been a little too busy in other areas to do any writing to speak of.  Or, to post as it were… So I thought I’d take a moment to put one of my little art work pieces up for display. This particular piece is a talking stick with dream catcher, inspired, as always by the trees that produced the canvas bark, and vine.

I don’t really consider myself to be an artist, rather… an imitator of art, as that is my position, and response to the age old question  ─  “Does life imitate art, or art imitate life?”..  To me God’s creation, and its awe-inspiring beauty is the art, and the “Muses.” So, yes, in my opinion life imitates art. 

As I walked  a creek bank on a wooded lot, soon to become the site of a friends new home, my thoughts were instinctively taken to a prime example of this perspective.

Although dozens of  roots, Cyprus knees, and vines withered and weaved foliage, trees, and girdled sheaves into one quintessential masterpiece before me, my eyes were immediately charmed by the one little limb from which I later carved the “talking stick.”

Just as the woody vine  slithered onto this little Basswood limb, choking out its life, we, humans, who need wood, and places to live also move in and uproot plant and animal life at times.

But, just as the Basswood limb gave its life to support and sustain the vine ─the  natural coppicing by the vine caused new saplings to writhe and sprout above the little limb on the Basswood tree, seeking life from the sun to one day produce even more seeds and life giving pollen.

Similarly,  my friend’s present home and lot, after 25 years of clearing, re-planting,  and devoted maintenance and prune, leaves  a wonderfully warm, life sustaining flower of an image in the sun.

Thereto, plants still grow, and the wind continues to blow inspiration through the reeds, and vines of our hearts, and minds. Once again, the master sculptor’s chisel chips away chaff to reveal another wonderful work of art hidden deep within the block of wood.

Yet ─ the mallet is not swung by the master sculptor this time ─ but by the hands of one of his many pieces of work, striving to imitate His mastery.

walking stick 1 007walking stick 1 010walking stick 1 011walking stick 1 012walking stick 1 016walking stick 1 013walking stick 1 013

Unfortunately, after writing this ─ whoops,  I  remembered I no longer have the item to take any good pictures of… Not that I have a good camera to take them with at this time anyway… but,  I did get a few snaps of it with my little Kodak easy-share, with (broken monitor screen,) while I still had it… I apologize for the poor quality of the images, and hope (by clicking individual images) you can at least faintly make out the carvings of the snake, evil spirit, fish herring, and most intricate, painstaking time thief, our friend the bear. Incidentally, the bust/silhouette of the viking/mountain-man character is a natural bonus of the wood, or, by-product of my carving the bear out of his chin, which even I didn’t notice until viewing these pics again..

( I decided to gift the talking stick to my friend and his wife as a house warming from their own land )


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