I’m not sure that’s what I am calling this piece; “gator-snake”─Okay.. yeah, that’s it.. Gator-Snake. The Gator ate my good camera… Anyway, doesn’t really matter what I choose to call it, as I made it for my brother – in – law.  And of course, like any other pet we give away, regardless of which “PooKie,”  “Pig-Tank, “Fluff-Monkey,” or, “Pablo,” nick we may have assigned to it─ the recipient has the prerogative to name  change it.

My brother-in-law may just call it trash, but, I call it -Art… Well, not “Art” as the name Art…oh, never mind..

Merry Christmas Art…erm, I mean.. Pat.. Merry Christmas Brother Pat…

gater-snake 005gater-snake 001gater-snake 003gater-snake 006gater-snake 011gater-snake 013gater-snake 009gater-snake 013


  1. Hi Paul! :)

    Just caught your comment! :)

    Yes, things are quiet at the moment – even my tormentors are absent and Doug the parasite is avoiding me, which is one piece of good news! :)

    Hmmm… Doctor Zaman would make a great Doctor Who I think – providing he relaxed a little! :)

    Yes, by God’s grace and in Christ’s name we will prevail! :)

    God Bless you too!!! :)



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