Geronimo Meets Jules Verne

I’ve always dabbled in crafting, and molding Indian/Native American art. Steampunk is another genre I love, although I’ve only attempted a few pieces in that area thus far. And to be honest I don’t have the time, tools─or,  probably talent… to create something in that line that would even come close to duplicating the finished products I visualize so for now I’ll stick to what comes natural.

So while making a dream catcher it suddenly hit me like a tomahawk shot from a Victorian era submarine’s torpedo shoot─

And why not? Here it is: “Geronimo meets Jules Verne”

SteamPunk Dream Catcher 010SteamPunk Dream Catcher 001SteamPunk Dream Catcher 003SteamPunk Dream Catcher 005SteamPunk Dream Catcher 007



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