40-LOVE Dream Catcher

Cleaning out the closet… Hmm, Let’s see… what should I do with this old tennis racket? It looked good on the wall at one time…In fact, that’s the only place it looks good─I could never play tennis.

40 LOVE DREAMCATCHER 019It’s not really a tennis racket of course. But, the ones I’ve had in the past would have come to a similar fate. Come to think of it, bad dreams are more likely to get over the net than I did.40 LOVE DREAMCATCHER 021

Tennis Racket shaped, 2 foot long, 9″ diameter, and 12″ to bottom of longest feather. Top of ring is wrapped in buck skin colored napped suede, and bottom half wrapped with Jute. Handle wrapped in man-made buck-skin leather. Arti-Sinew webbing, with glass feather-beads.

40 LOVE DREAMCATCHER 017 “Tennis Anyone?”

I’m at 40 -LOVE

Hey, a guy’s gotta dream. Right?

Happy New Year



  1. My granddaughter loves dream catchers. When I was in Arizona last year I brought her the attached one for her dorm room. She never took it with her and here it is hanging on the back of my door. I guess it was too big for her. :)



    • That is a beautiful work of art.. very intricate in its detail. I haven’t gotten into the drum-catchers yet, although, I may one day. I am more into wood carving, and added dream catchers etc, but, I didn’t start taking pictures of the stuff till recently.. I made a lot of things for Christmas Gifts this year.. which, sort of got me back into it… and with the craze of fusion art, and steampunk these days.. well, I figured I may as well weave some webs on some otherwise useless items and so forth… just finished making one with Carolina Panthers on it.. I’ll have to post it… just to ignite the Steelers bug in ya.. LOL Love Ya in Christ.. God Bless


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