Clouds rolling, fishing boats trolling, no one hurries, no worries.

Why would they?

Just another week before, times so oft seen ashore – Hurricane

Seas at calm, humidity and balm, casting nets, no one frets-

And why should they?

Three days still ahead, winds blustery, no imminent dread – Hurricane

Some boats docking, nothing shocking, tides ebb and flow as always.

And why shouldn’t they?

Two days out, growing swells, winds blow wet, fishy smells – Hurricane

Batten down the hatches, ply-wood patches, windows X’ed, and boarded.

Just another day.

Sea walls breach, waters roll in, cars flood the bridge again – Hurricane

Red sky morning, a sailors warning, fishing pier nearly covered.

Will it hold?

Windows smashing, palm trees lashing, bridges crashing – Hurricane

Houses falling, winds a squalling, power shorted, beach aborted—

Where are they?

People missing, windows hissing, trees falling, rivers mauling – Hurricane

Pier is gone, squeals and moans, rip-tides ravaging main street.

When will it end?

Skies darken, as the sea resides, no where left on earth to hide-Hurricane

Barometric vacuum steals breath from lungs, too late now no-where to run.

Tidal Wave!

Forty-foot wall of deadly force, headed inland with no remorse-Hurricane

Sudden blast of horrendous sound, no-one to hear it,  there is no –








    • I dreamed about it last night…and believe me.. It falls well short of articulating the ominous feeling I experienced. I have lost everything including two homes to Hurricanes.. and they were nothing compared to what this one would be, should it have been real. I woke up sweating, at midnight, or about, trying to recall everything and write this… but much of it has slowly come back to me through the day. I still can’t remember some of it.. Thanks for the visit.


    • Thanks Pren… and thanks for keeping me on your visit list so long with little response from me during my down times… that means a lot coming from you, as I know how many Emails and messages you have to respond to daily.
      Thanks for the visit again…

      I know you’ve said you didn’t need a lot of extra promotion of your blog, due to the amount of emails etc.. but.. You’re a Gem.. and here’s looking at yer Blog Site… anyway


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