Project Flower — Child

Flower Tele 1 (2)
What do ya do with that? I mean it’s a “Paisley Telecaster” but, not exactly something “James Burton” would play. I’m not even sure “James Taylor” or “Rick James” would play…Maybe “Prince?”
Anyway, I know it’s a girly guitar, and the flowers are — well, pretty. But I just can’t see me playing it the way it looks, so, I guess it’s in for a face lift… Hmmm. What to do? What to do?.. It is still a Telecaster, after all…I wonder what the stage lights might do as far as improvements? Flower Tele 3 (3)
Yeah that’s a little improvement. By the way, can you guys believe Russell Wilson threw that last pass instead of giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch? Maybe a little blue light… Flower Tele 2 (5)
Yeah — that’s no help.Flower Tele 5Flower Tele 3 (4) Oh wait.. I see it now.. I know what it needs… and I wont have to strip it down to find it has an ugly wood grain underneath…
Man… what a way to blow a ball game…’COME ON MAN’!
Pete Carroll
So, I suppose I need to make a trip to “Hobby Lobby” for this project… I have an idea to save the guitar. I don’t think I’ll go with any of Pete Caroll’s plays on this project. Nor will I bother to paint, or strip the guitar down… I think I have an idea… I should have it finished and posted before too long, later this week. Until then… “Dolt!  Ummm Flowers.”

Flower Tele 2 (4)On Second  Thought— I wonder if Jeff Bridges needs a fresh looking guitar to make another one of his “Zenned Out Sleepy Potion CD’s”



  1. Model wise… it’s not a Fender Telecaster actually… I think I remember it to be one of the older versions Austin of Saint Louis Guitars put out… can’t remember the model number or name… and the rosewood neck was long since replaced with the maple neck …— the only thing on the headstock is a 1940-ish —
    —calendar girl —


      • Yes it is a Bentley Series 10 — I guess — I am pretty sure St. Louis Music sold Guitars under the Bentley name before changing to the Austin moniker. If I’m not mistaken they had an Austin Series 10 also for a while. But, I’m not selling it yet I intend on setting it up as my “Blues” tele soon… of course, if it Twangs more Chicken Pickin Tones out… it will be my country guitar. I had one of the Top Line Tele Copy’s Austin put out back around 12 years ago… I wish I never sold that thing — I have a Fender Special Run Tele now also that sounds great but the neck and fret size are a little too big for my comfort zone when playing country — It does play rock sounds really well as it is an HS with the double hummer in the bridge position. The only thing other than the neck size I don’t like so much is its color. It sold as ( Cherry Red Flake ) but, turns over under different lighting and usually looks more Magenta than Red. Thanks for stopping by… I enjoy Guitar discussions.


    • lol, Yeah… sorry for the insult then.. wasn’t meant to offend.. I added a little to the post after you commented… not sure if you saw the superbowl, or, have heard about Jeff Bridges’ new Zen CD’s but,,, what is the world coming to? Ummm Ummmm Maaaawm… Hey Jeff… I have the perfect guitar for your next album… Hummmm!


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