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We’ll still be around here from time to time, but working on another passion at come by and say hello — 

I’m not sure why the “Flounder” Theme turned Lime-green on this post -I’m assuming it is considered an Image Post — But, anyone can see I’m writing as hard as I can to try and change it back to my beloved Fender Stratocaster Sea-Foam Green! If this doesn’t work it will just have to be UGLY I suppose… This is “Almost” as frustratingly cumbersome as the new “WordPress” text editor… 



  1. Wow! I did notice the change immediately!
    I love WordPress, but sometimes it can drive me up the wall, I love changing my background and headers, the other I tried to change it and it wouldn’t work, I eventually got it right, but what a waste of time ;-(
    I also dislike the new Worpress text editor, but, what were they thinking ? Colonialist calls it Beep Beep Boop, you can see he’s post here.


    • Yes beep beep boop- that’s how it starts but then goes “BOOM”! At least, it has to me on at least one occasion, while looking for the save button, which is now automatic, I lost 53 minutes of writing one night… never to be recovered. Not in any of the “revisions” or anywhere. I maybe could have tracked it down on Google somewhere, but, I seriously doubt that it was ever saved so I just had to suck it up and re-write the whole thing. Oh well, it is at least, a FREE site.

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