Project Flower — Child

Flower Tele 1 (2)
What do ya do with that? I mean it’s a “Paisley Telecaster” but, not exactly something “James Burton” would play. I’m not even sure “James Taylor” or “Rick James” would play…Maybe “Prince?”
Anyway, I know it’s a girly guitar, and the flowers are — well, pretty. But I just can’t see me playing it the way it looks, so, I guess it’s in for a face lift… Hmmm. What to do? What to do?.. It is still a Telecaster, after all…I wonder what the stage lights might do as far as improvements? Flower Tele 3 (3)
Yeah that’s a little improvement. By the way, can you guys believe Russell Wilson threw that last pass instead of giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch? Maybe a little blue light… Flower Tele 2 (5)
Yeah — that’s no help.Flower Tele 5Flower Tele 3 (4) Oh wait.. I see it now.. I know what it needs… and I wont have to strip it down to find it has an ugly wood grain underneath…
Man… what a way to blow a ball game…’COME ON MAN’!
Pete Carroll
So, I suppose I need to make a trip to “Hobby Lobby” for this project… I have an idea to save the guitar. I don’t think I’ll go with any of Pete Caroll’s plays on this project. Nor will I bother to paint, or strip the guitar down… I think I have an idea… I should have it finished and posted before too long, later this week. Until then… “Dolt!  Ummm Flowers.”

Flower Tele 2 (4)On Second  Thought— I wonder if Jeff Bridges needs a fresh looking guitar to make another one of his “Zenned Out Sleepy Potion CD’s”

40-LOVE Dream Catcher

Cleaning out the closet… Hmm, Let’s see… what should I do with this old tennis racket? It looked good on the wall at one time…In fact, that’s the only place it looks good─I could never play tennis.

40 LOVE DREAMCATCHER 019It’s not really a tennis racket of course. But, the ones I’ve had in the past would have come to a similar fate. Come to think of it, bad dreams are more likely to get over the net than I did.40 LOVE DREAMCATCHER 021

Tennis Racket shaped, 2 foot long, 9″ diameter, and 12″ to bottom of longest feather. Top of ring is wrapped in buck skin colored napped suede, and bottom half wrapped with Jute. Handle wrapped in man-made buck-skin leather. Arti-Sinew webbing, with glass feather-beads.

40 LOVE DREAMCATCHER 017 “Tennis Anyone?”

I’m at 40 -LOVE

Hey, a guy’s gotta dream. Right?

Happy New Year