Fernandes Project Follow Up

100_2231 (3)I almost forgot I’d promised to do a follow-up when the Fernandes face lift was complete…

Fernandes Project Here:

And seeing as I gave the guitar to my grandson for Christmas, I’m lucky I100_2229 (3)100_2229 (8)100_2231 (4)100_2231 (6)  took some pictures!

This is it:

Not the best pictures in the world, but, at least I did take a few.

Cropped Finished Fernandes100_2229 (2)100_2230cropped-finished-fernandes

100_2231 (5)

“Santa Maria”

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Trig 3R

Many a swell did she toil, while

carried wind and wave asunder.

And for 36 years she did sail;

Without anything taking her under.

Born and Christened the great Galician;

Kampat photobucket

Kampat ( Santa Maria )

She floundered about the seas.

Slower than most, yet gained flag host;

as for Atlantic crossing none fared better than she.

But on the Christmas morn of Columbus first land;

She ran aground, both on corral and sand,

tearing her hull in two. So they stripped

her down, to build a town, on an Isle now known as Haiti

to the likes of me and you.

A twisted  irony, or maybe prophetic fate;

One can not but surely relate, and suspect

a Devils trick.

And wonder how the great

Santa Maria de la inmaculada Concepcio’n;

On Christmas day became a town called Mole’ St. Nick

( Just my thoughts after reading this )

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