“Peace of God”

The daylight was falling, the sun slumbered low, there was no way out, it seemed there was no where to go.

Hope seemed so distant, there was nothing to look toward, all was just sinking so quickly, and the waters to high to ford.

Suddenly from out of no where, beamed a light so wonderfully bright, when Jesus reached His hand out , I knew hope and peace in the darkest still night.


My sins were now behind me, quickly erased and forgiven, and all things ahead filled with love and blessed abundant living.

Not all things have been easy , not as if all are without pain, Jesus put his arms round me, and I walk through stormy darkness, with no fear of going in sane.

Times when all Hell seems to come against me, and even the times I’ve invited it in, I am reminded, nothing is greater than Jesus my God, and I cast my cares on Him.

He has promised to never leave me, never my life to forsake, and as I rest secure in His Finished Works, I also rest secure that my soul, He will surely take.  ©