God Sent Me A Valentine

Many Enlightening  Glimpses,

Sweet Life Oft Entails.

Mystery Complete, Even When Partially Veiled.

Waste Never A  Precious Moment.RedRoseImage[1]

Enjoy Love As It   Befell.

Fear Not Things Not Yet  Seen

Cherish    The    One    You    Hold.

I  Worship God With All Due Thanksgiving

Fulfilling Me With You, Who Completely Fits The Mold.

Behind the Veil

“Should I stay or should I go”? The answer is simple, as I’m sure you well know.
When things get boggy, whether in life, or be it blog…
Whether novel, song, or sonnet…
We just lean it on a wall for a week…
We don’t break it…heaven forbid, for then
upon our return …what instrument shall we play?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

“Down Home”

Some things are temporal, never do they last.

But, some things are timeless, never to be surpassed.

Somethings are sloppy, and hard to attach.

Other things are simple, or,  at least solid,

And hold extremely fast.

Some things are opposites, never meant to be.

Yet other things are opposite, and together eternally .

You and I are like that.., though not opposite

within our souls…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down Home Photo Here

Some things  instinctively fit, like

buttons, and button holes.

Thoughts of being without you,

are like honey combs without bees.

Button holes are just empty spaces without buttons,

and the only home I’ve ever known is

the home you’ve made for me.

paul willis – 2011- ©

Song From Jonathan

I  wonder what ever happened to honor among friends?

I know you and I are more like brothers, sealed by the blood till the end.

Yesterday the angels told me, what you have done for my boy.

Even my new heart skipped a beat, can’t explain this heavenly joy.

Remember when you took on that giant? Oh, the surprise in my daddy’s eyes.

I’m sorry he became so defiant.  I always said he had too much pride.

Do you ever wield my sword in battle?  Or, still strapping that one of a kind?

Here – nothing resembles a shadow. Closest to a regret is leaving family behind.

But, it’s not over yet, we will always be friends.

They say it was a match made in heaven, and I’ll soon see you again.

But, don’t do anything to hurry,  I’m here forever so don’t worry…

Forever never ends.

Heard you got yourself a new wife.

After you saved the Ark of the Covenant.

I know I could never repay you, for the kindness you’ve shown Mephibosheth.

But, if you were here man, I would So give you a big kiss.

You always were so full of grace and kindness.

But, David, you’ve never even dreamed of anything like this.

Words can’t begin to describe this true heavenly bliss.

But, it’s not over yet, we always will be friends.

They tell me our friendship really was made in heaven.

And, I’ll soon see you again.

But, don’t do anything to try and hurry – I’m here forever,  so don’t worry.

Because forever-Never ends.


all rights reserved-©- willis-2001


Intrigue 0f Mary Celeste

Seen adrift, sailing her own, manifest burden,  Genoa, fore Rome.

Sitting low the hips, lading alcohol filled casks, for makers di vino, its designated task.

Sculling she was, sails torn but full, almost scudding, but yawning for sure.

Hailing at berth, 400 aloof, Captain Morehouse’s suspicions were soon met with the truth, that the “Mary Celeste” had lost her family and crew.

A tragic yarn of  Mary Celeste’s entire crew, Captain Briggs, his wife and daughter can be Continue reading

“Till The Potter Says I’m New”

May the Potter’s wheel keep spinning,

mold and chaff away…

Cleansing, cooling water,

wash more of me today.

Erasing that once I was,

within me a new heart create.

Life from youth, misguided truth.

From darkness of storm refuge.

Reflection in my mirror,

faces repugnant soul De jour.

You, the one who created me,

to be like you I long the more.

Each moment I blink, time moves on,

never to return again.

I pray thee Lord,

the Potter’s hand

shapes this man to be more like Him.

Jeremiah 18

Image @ neptuno

She Sails Fare Another Day

To those who sit in darkness; 

Waste deep in the drink of woe.

The light you bring shares life;

A beacon of  glimmering  hope.

You carry the torch not for selfish gain; But, foundering ships avail.

Stranded aground, gurgling sounds, off starboard in the Captains gaze…

Hips be lifted, beams a shifted; Hoist the mainsail Maties!!!

She Sails Fare Another day.

My Sincere Thanks To:  Martha  For Shedding This Wonderful Light On Me… I accept, gratefully.  Those I choose to receive the “Candle Lighter Award” created by Kate Kresse as they have all been a beacon to me in one way or another through their words, sentiments, and friendships are as follows:

Garrick & Mary @ life of miracles.com


As there are no rules, or stipulations regulating administering this Award, other than to offer it to any, and as many beacons of  light you feel worthy, I will certainly be adding more sites to the list at a later time. There are many of you who have received this Award, and though there is no limit on how many one can accept, I think our loyal reading, and commenting lets us know who’s who in the bloggerhood…  So Much Love…       So little Time. Bless You all, and again many thanks to: Martha@in Love w/the LORD  and  Kate@believe- anyway


Follow The Star In You (Human Beings Are, they don’t wait to be)

Lot’s of work this life. Especially when one chooses work over life.

Lot’s of choices. The ones that count for us are the ones God planned ahead of time…And not the ones others choose for us.

When we follow what others choose, it’s because we haven’t made a choice.

How tiring life is when we are following someone else’s dream and not our own.

Where are you headed ? Where do you want to be? From experience, I suggest being there now…and not make it a destination to meet…

Live your dream. Plant both feet.

Life is short…live it now.

Are you a musician at heart? Sing. Are you a Chef? Cook.

Are you a human being?

Humans are…they don’t wait to be…

Go,.. Be now. Be at peace,..Cause work unto the Lord…

Is not a 4 letter word…

It’s peace.


And be at peace.

Good Night Mistress Summer Time

E’er the time spent with you, on seashore, river bank, or mountain view.

Wind giggles warm through my hair, whispering she wont be here for long.

Shadowy silhouettes in peripheral shade, weeping willow dancing with Spanish

moss grays, and Katy-Did-Sing in harmony with whippoorwill, as the bullfrog

turned day ditties into an all night lovers song.

March blew you to me one April showered day. As a child I saw your

blooms blossoming,  every crescent of your lovely full moon.

I believed you everlasting, as dragonfly hovered millpond steam and spray.

In the end I realized you were only ice cream melting, vacation bible school,

just one quick roll in the hay. I realized this today.. when old man winter reared his ugly head…and stole my sweet summer time away.

paul willis-©-2011