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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

“Down Home”

Some things are temporal, never do they last.

But, some things are timeless, never to be surpassed.

Somethings are sloppy, and hard to attach.

Other things are simple, or,  at least solid,

And hold extremely fast.

Some things are opposites, never meant to be.

Yet other things are opposite, and together eternally .

You and I are like that.., though not opposite

within our souls…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down Home Photo Here

Some things  instinctively fit, like

buttons, and button holes.

Thoughts of being without you,

are like honey combs without bees.

Button holes are just empty spaces without buttons,

and the only home I’ve ever known is

the home you’ve made for me.

paul willis – 2011- ©

“Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)”Regret

                                    Though   shadowed   from   the   viewer,

                                     Behooves even me, this photo, Regret.

                                         But seen right here, in black, above the last fret.                                          What e’er my regret may be,..   You tell me.

“Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week):”Ready

These Two Are Ready for Bed. Dumplin rated movie bout Tin-Tin

   Boring and Her Daddy Needs A Comforter Over His Big Head.

       Allowed Me to Stay Up Later— to Watch Any Movie I  Like.

             As Long As It’s Starring Role Is Not played By Canine.

                    No Character Actors Named Rover, Spot or  Spike. 

                         Seems It Would Keep Them Awake At Night,

                            As Apparently All  B – Rated Movies Do,

                                They Rather Prefer Felix or Morris

                                   Even Garfield They Say will Do

                                      So, Guess I’ll Just Head –

                                         To Bed, As, I surely

                                            Wouldn’t Want

                                               To Disturb


                                                    Two                                                               They Even Dream Feline ↑