Carolina Blue


Carolina Blue glimmered this week —

On the sultry shores of the south —

On the week of the 4th the sea was murky, dismal, and gray —

Ocean Isle 2016 4th of July

I suppose the lack of storms accompanied with the intense heat

soothed the tumultuous seas.IMG_0016

Thank You, God, both the occasion —Blessed was I  to be there to see.


Amazing how things change in a matter of weeks — or, sometimes  minutes it seems — Shrimp Tales and Tides

Ebbs Flow, Swells Swing, the Sun, Moon, and Stars sing  ever-changing songs of God’s Mood Ring —Beneath the Toiling Sea—Oceans of Emotion— and some of its own — but mostly revealed on the surface… Reflections of you and me.




When America Became Detroit

Own a piece of ye Old Wild West;

Towns for sale, North, South…

standing abreast.   Right

here  in this once great U.S.

of  A…

Why, you can buy Towns,

Counties, Gold Claims, and

more. Almost like the Walton’s,

at Ike Godsey’s store

only, you don’t have to  leave

the house. Pay-pal,  you,

the click of a mouse,

buy’s  it all

on Ebay.

I  remember  life

when time was free, although

many soldiers died to afford it me.

Might have realized those rights

had I lived in a democracy. Hey,

where National intent is hidden on a shelf…

might be wise, make note to self…

Capitol Hill is  sovereign alone…

don’t need no little people

tagging along.

Of  Course

you’re still expected

to send them

all they’ve






And They Were Singing…

Detroit City

Bye Bye Miss American Pie…the day the music died

Prodigal Son of the South (song lyrics)

(Stanza 1)

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I was a prodigal son, and away I did run,

With the money and my own free-will.

But it didn’t take long to spend, or  to kick myself again;

In the face, when the truth became real.

But my Father who made me, knew what it took to break me,

To give me a contrite  heart, now I’m down on my knees,

And I’m begging Father please,  give this boy just one more start.


(1/2 stanza 2 )

My friend Sam wrote a song, and it haunted me so long;

how a minister so strong could go to pot.

But then I went down through there, now his testimony, I share;

It’s a long, dark road back to God.


Because  my own free-will was my Achilles heel;

Keeping my foot in my mouth.

Oh Father I pray, please take me back today;

I’m just a prodigal son of the south.

(stanza 3)

Thought I was spiritually sound, but I let my guard down;

Let Satan take me down through there again.

Thought I could fill my empty dreams, with material things;

And heaven would just open up and let me in.

But my Father above me,  let me know how much  He loved me;

took away the false guilt and endless doubt, Now I know His love is real;

Wish to tell you how it feels,   when He opened the gates of  my hell and let me out.

(chorus) repeat

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