What If All Dreams Came True

Fireworks3-2[1]The morning sun shone through the rift of the blinds one morning, and my semi-conscious mind must have processed the red-eyelid-grid it saw as the fret-board of a cosmic stringed instrument. I began hearing the most beautiful music I have ever heard, as my mind’s eye watched each glistening sun-ray pluck the strings. I remember being astonished by its dexterity, and melodic perfection. Upon awakening, I tried to duplicate the notes I had heard, and saw, on my guitar—If only I could remember them note for note.— From what little I was able to remember, and attempt to simulate on the fret-board, the notes seemed impossible to play in one key. Almost as if each note came from one of the 24 individual keys of the musical spectrum. It totally seemed to of been an impossible dream— But, what if all dreams came true?  I thought, and then it was gone…Fireworks1[1]

I was standing on a sea-shore, in some far away place beyond the familiar sea, where nothing looked real, or resonated with me. There were neon colors, and bird-like creatures. Lifelike, but surreal. I perceived them with all 5 senses at once. I felt, tasted, heard, smelled, and saw them — from one sense of awareness — at once. I wanted to talk to them, so I tried to open my mouth, instead my eyes opened. And I awakened. It was over…                                                         What if all dreams came true?728px-Cairina_moschata_head_norway-1[1]
I heard the phone ring as I was walking in through a large glass door leading to a hallway between two rows of desks occupied by dogs with huge human like grins, when suddenly one of them leaped out at me and said…     “You Won The Lottery”  —  But, then, of course, I woke up. doggrinningsoapoprah11[1]
I dreamed I was in a terrible hurricane, worse than any of the ones I’ve experienced first hand on the Carolina coast. It was terrifying. Water started moving in beneath my feet, and gradually rose to the level of my chin. Suddenly, a tidal wave came crashing over me, the town, and everyone, and everything, as far as I could see. And, then I woke up — But, what if every dream really did come true? Or. What if some really are warnings? What if we knew that every dream would come true? What If every dream did come true?buildingrestorationsnobridge2[1]





Graphic Images by TylaMac

Tidal Wave Image by devourerofsouls 

Grinning Dog ?







Clouds rolling, fishing boats trolling, no one hurries, no worries.

Why would they?

Just another week before, times so oft seen ashore – Hurricane

Seas at calm, humidity and balm, casting nets, no one frets-

And why should they?

Three days still ahead, winds blustery, no imminent dread – Hurricane

Some boats docking, nothing shocking, tides ebb and flow as always.

And why shouldn’t they?

Two days out, growing swells, winds blow wet, fishy smells – Hurricane

Batten down the hatches, ply-wood patches, windows X’ed, and boarded.

Just another day.

Sea walls breach, waters roll in, cars flood the bridge again – Hurricane

Red sky morning, a sailors warning, fishing pier nearly covered.

Will it hold?

Windows smashing, palm trees lashing, bridges crashing – Hurricane

Houses falling, winds a squalling, power shorted, beach aborted—

Where are they?

People missing, windows hissing, trees falling, rivers mauling – Hurricane

Pier is gone, squeals and moans, rip-tides ravaging main street.

When will it end?

Skies darken, as the sea resides, no where left on earth to hide-Hurricane

Barometric vacuum steals breath from lungs, too late now no-where to run.

Tidal Wave!

Forty-foot wall of deadly force, headed inland with no remorse-Hurricane

Sudden blast of horrendous sound, no-one to hear it,  there is no –







Both Parties Lose (Oil Volcano)

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Someone had a dream, they’d see a reality one day. Life of writing, hopes of a best seller, now every-body has a dream in the way.

There are Free-books, E-books, and literature, all at the touch of a key, maybe it comes as a surprise to some, but, makes perfect sense to me.

And someone said they had a dream, from all the hush, hush, media coverage of  an oil soaked gulf stream.

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Said it was a nightmare, great waves covered the land, great whites gulped along the shore. Even into homes, tainted waters of destruction caused by a gushing spore.

It all may seem blurred to some,  a black smoke slick rising from the sea, but, seeing it from a birds eye view, it’s all so clear to me.

This post was never meant to be written in  poetic form or prose,  certainly not a joyful matter, as anyone with half a brain knows.

But like reasons we are  given of why they can’t stop a simple leak,  from my mouth in prose, do rhymes go, but things to come hold little mystery.

Sorry for my babbling, sometimes hear voices in my head, but thanks to the steel plate inside,  at least I’m not completely dead.

The scariest thing about dreams like these, is that, both could appear on the surface, as just a nightmare in our own little heads.



But, then they could very well be prophecies;  reiterations,  or something we could have done instead of something we only said.

What could have brought us all to this place, writing of the world, blaming others for it’s  shape ?

Information travels to and fro, rivers of shared knowledge, lessons costly learned yet offered up so free;

Silent scream oceans of drowning opinions, all shouting from a collective soul, canceling our own voices, a tiny part of a roaring apathetic sea.

If we all have opinions, and know what opinions are like, then what could the problem be?

Sometimes hard, overwhelmingly surreal, hard to accept, but life bites cold as jaws of steel.

bellapuccinos photostream

bellapuccino flickr

Population,  globalization, reared their ugly heads long before dashing the hopes and dreams, of  inkwell, type and quill.

The ghosts who roam what were once their family farms, still hauntingly whisper why?

Ears of a  generation who see global conglomeration itch, but, not for those who have gone before do the tears stand, which can be seen in our wondering eyes.

Independent truckers, long lost highway songs, like whining tires of an 18 wheeler twenty years ago, passing  you on the street,

fading to silence, as it descends the hill, where it is  swallowed up,  becoming just another number of  many trucks in one large corporate fleet.

Now the train, who’s steam has been tethered,  after Government bye outs of largest iron horses, which cross tied the county

jazzijavas photostream



Go loaded with trucks on piggy back, it’s quite a site to see, rolling thunder, screeching steel, like the cold rails under, from sea to shining sea.

Fishing trawlers, and shrimping boats, moored along the U.S. Coast. No money to fuel the fleet. Forbidden to catch the shellfish, the world demands to eat;

Great ships of China, docked by there side, selling millions of crates of the same, as the world watches the next food star rise,to serve America up, in a 21st century global monopoly game.

_-_-_—–___-sTAaTicCc___—_ Wait  __—-_This Just In__-_—_-sTaTiCccC..….Our on the Scene News team, and reporter Jan Holman are live on the scene in Baton- Rouge …__-_-..Frank..>..—__—-_–con f .. li  c ting…    ources tell us_-___—–___–very easily, should the conditions of the oil, which has sunk to the depths of the ocean floor, form the same type of gas bubble, which happened near the surface, causing the rig to explode in the first place, come within sparking distance of one of the many thermal vents  which dot the ocean floor–_-throu–_ou_-t_–t–his

anakos photobucket

anakos photobucket

underwater  region_–s_–T_a–tI_-cC_c-_Cc__-S-c i_ entist say, emitting steam and heat at  temperatures of molten lava, and rock…___—___—-SaTAATiCsatasSTatic._–_–meet the needs  __—_——-StatTic– One man carrying a sign which says..__—-StaTic -“the population explosion“,   Staititiciticcc Man say’s, as globalization, attempts to control that population have been in effect for a lot longer, and more obvious in other professio –__– _-

We apologize, but we seem to have lost contact with our on the scene reporter Jan Holman, But, sitting here live in the news room of our local broadcast affiliates, with Anchor man Frank Beuchette, is John Thundercloud, a man who claims to be picking up strange radio transmissions in his head, from not only our stations, but apparently from all over the world.

istylers photobucket

istylers photobucket

Mr. Thundercloud, you are claiming that everything which is happening, and even will happen in the future concerning this great country of ours has been shown to you in some sort of …vivid dream, or premonition, or revelation, is that  correct?

Well, not exactly Frank, I actually only read about it. But, yes, you could definitely say that it was a Revelation, in fact, it was in a book called the Reve...Now John, can I call you John? Sure. Am I understanding this correctly that you are picking up radio waves from around the world, from some sort of steel plate that was placed in your head resulting from a freak hunting accident?



Well, I guess you could call it a freak hunting accident Frank, ah, can I call you Frank? Sure. I mean, I’m not sure what they were hunting, in front of the White House, unless it was people carrying protest signs, but, yes, I do hear radio transmissions resulting from that incident three years ago Frank and…

Now, John, please, can you tell us now, what you are hearing right now, or, are you picking up anything right now?

No, well, I mean, being here in the studio, I am pretty much hearing a lot of static, but, no more really than when I watch one of your shows on the six ocloc…

Okay, John we are a little pressed for time here, ah..m, could you tell us anything, anything that may relate directly to what is taking place in this world, or out on the Gulf right now ?  According to the voices that you are hearing in your head?

Well, personally, I agree with many who have commented that we as a whole, as the human race are wasteful, users, and haven’t taken care of our planet. But, that’s not what I see taking place in the Gulf.

What’s really sad, is to see how apathetic, and disconnected the general public of this country truly are, that an entire ecosystem, and lively hood of the country can be destroyed, right before our very eyes, and we refuse to see what’s taking place.

Lisa Marie 857 photobucket

lisamarie 857 photobucket

This country has been slowly conditioned for over 30 years, to accept nearly anything that takes place as accidental, and to shift the blame to the opposite political party than that in which they personally accept as the right one.

The sadist reality is, that there is only one political machine which calls all the shots, and both sides of the general puppets, I mean public, are being played against the other, by constituents of a more global governing agenda, who are sitting in high string pulling positions on both sides of the stage.

That of course is not to say that everyone on capitol hill are under that persuasion, or agenda, but, then those who are not, are not in any position to fight what is taking place.

Personally, I see a much larger force at work behind the whole thing than just BP, although, I am sure that they are one of the top shelf constituents. I see only one thing standing in the way of the European unions globalizing the worlds economy plan, and that thing would be any free country. ie the U.S.

I don’t think the time that it has taken to “not remedy” the situation, or to stop the leak was an accident, in fact, I have serious doubts that the “Leak” itself was in fact an accident. Looking back through the hour glass of conditioning that has been poured out onto the U.S. for at least the past 35 years, there is an unmistakable trail easily seen, of conglomeration of the…huhuum: Small People;

“Let me interrupt you there Mr. Thundercloud, we have a concerned person calling in, a Mr. Jim Beordeux, who would like to comment on what you are saying”.

Go ahead, Jim, are you there ?



Uh yesir, I thank theys a whole lot to what Mr. Thundercloud has a been a saying there …ah, ahh.. ah, Frank.

I mean, uh  why else was the fishing and shrimping industry of the east coast shoreline, halted, by them,  more subtle means during the past 30 years?  While the great ships of China, as he puts it are seen meandering as a dot from the shipping lane horizon, till they look like small cities docked ashore, unloading millions of pounds of the same shrimp, and fish to sell in America, where our own shrimp and fishing boat’s wings have been clipped from harvesting ? Don’tcha see.

Why were the Independent trucking companies sold up the river to the three largest Rail-Road companies,  2 of which the US government owned 20 years ago?

Ben 2 Wilderness


Why were the family farms forced into selling, or foreclosure, and a conglomeratin  into the Government owned feed and mass live stock companies, years ago?

And somebuddy a commented earlier, that they had heard of Police Departments supporting BP’s authority over this ah, Leak, this aint no leak, friends, this-shears a underwater explosive gas bubble, growin  bigger n bigger everyday…and try not  just local police… but the U.S. Coast Guard… is a enforcing BP’s control of thungs down thar… I’m here to tell ya Frank, after what all I done seen over the past twenty, or thirty years in this country, like Mr. Thundercloud’s a saying theys somethin just aint right.

Come to thank of it Frank, now that I look back, I’m not so shore them two twin towers wasn’t a  strategically imploded to collapse in their own foot prints like some of dem truth peoples on the T.V. have a been a sayin all along.

“Okay Mr. Beordeux ..?

Well, like that big Sweedish man,Svanberg, or how ever it is, up thar for the B.P.
Mr. Beordeux?    No, I aint finished quite yet Frank. Yeah, I caint pernounce his name, but, saying that B.P. cared about us small people. Well, I thank they been closing in on the small

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

people way too long as it is.   Mr. Beordeux..?    I aint finished yet Frank!  They been closing down, and buying up small business’s into larger, more easily managed, by the governing agencies, why, I can remember for twenty years at least now Frank.

Take the family farms.They probably took the first blow beginning as far back as the mid 70’s. By the late 80’s most family farms had either been forced into foreclosure, or to sell to a conglomerate; who financed the buildings for the farmers to work for the conglomerates. I know, cause my daddy was one of um.



The farmers then, never seen no profit, until after them huge live stock buildings were payed fer, which most of them sold out before hand without ever seeing any profit, just to keep from losing even their good names and credit, them that was smart, or lucky enough to git out in time.



Independent truckers were next, bought, or priced out of business by cut rate freight haulers, owned by the three largest railroad companies in the country ( 2 of which the government owns) then, of course, there are many that I’m skipping over.

But, before the Gulf Coast fisheries, and shrimpers were slimmed to a halt ,the East Coast fish and shrimp boats have been docked for over 20 years, other than to be able to catch their own, if they are lucky enough to own a restaurant along the coast…and that of



course, only seasonal. They have been restricted from catching the size, limit, or species, of shrimp, or fish that the world demands to eat for over 20 years now. To the point that they can’t afford to fuel the boats. So, in a way, you could say, that they to has been  B-Peed!!!

Mr. Beordeux, we thank you for calling in but we really have to get back to Jan Holman and our on site news team, as she is waiting online right now. Jan, can you hear me?

Yes barely Frank, and I have to tell you that things are not good here in Baton Rouge. We  lost radio contact with our affiliates along the water way, at the Gulf shore, in the middle of a sentence, our affiliate reporter was silenced, just as we heard a loud explosion of some kind, and a lot of what appeared to be loud screams and chaos in those who wer    Ah WatersTATiCa Coming tHIS ….Beeeeeeeeeep…..

WakeUp 2010

Revelation 16:4 And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.

Oh my God, we have just lost contact with Jan Holman in the middle of a sentence saying  something about the water may even have been reaching up as far inland …as…



Yes Frank, I’m picking up what seems to be a transmission from a weather plane over the Baton Rouge area  in my head right now. Seems that a tidal wave has just leveled the entire city, and is headed our way at a tremendous force and  rate of speed…StATiuc__–_—-_——-____What else Mr. Thundercloud?



-_-_—-staTic__—-_—-_=_—–=_—-__ I seem to be picking up a station further inland or some where.  It’s a song, …. by Don McLean.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie Drove My Chevy to The Levee, But the Levee Was Dry, Them Good  old boys were


drinking whiskey and rye, and singing this will be the day that I __—-_-_–0 ie,this e’ll be the day that I die…


_-____———___— The ghost who roam what were once their family farms, still hauntingly whisper why? _–___-sATaTic__—-__To those of us here, in the generation which can_–stAtAIC__—__— see the answer. Independent truckers, still sing out long lost highway songs, like the whining of an 18 wheelers truck tires, that passed us on the side of the road__–__—- twenty years ago, and finally fade to silence, as they crest the hill above of us, and ——___——-sATtic__—___-begin their descent, on the other side, into being just a number of the many many trucks in one large corp-orated fleet.____——–_____-__sTatidcs,__—_– Fishing trawlers, and shrimping boats, moored idle along the U.S. East Coast, either unable to afford the crude, to fuel the ship, or restricted from catching the size, and limit of the shell, which the world demands to eat, while the great ships of China, dock next to them everyday, and unload millions of frozen crates of the stuff, for all the world to see, the next network food star sizzle up for the judges to taste.  StaTiC/(0)_–wHooUR__-_-StAtICCCccc__–_w hich B.P. and Government officials were increasingly warned about by scientist and committees who apparently had their hands suddenly-_–_–__–SatAtic_—-_–_ tied, as they  are suppose to have the authority to shut down any such dangerous shot-ee short cuts –_–___——-_And.>>…….bEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


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