Happens upon the break o’ morn

song to the moon
song to the moon

song to the moon

Song    to   the    Moon


Hail to thy cold and clouded beam
Pale pilgrim of the troubled sky!
Hail, though the mists that o’er thee stream
Lend to thy brow their sullen dye!
How should thy pure and peaceful eye
Untroubled view our scenes below,
Or how a tearless beam supply
To light a world of war and woe!

Fair Queen! I will not blame thee now,
As once by Greta’s fairy side

No more beautiful site

Each little cloud that dimm’d thy brow
Did then an angel’s beauty hide
And of the shades I then could chide
Still are the thoughts to memory dear
For, while a softer strain I tried,
They hid my blush, and calm’d my fear.

Then did I swear thy ray serene
Was form’d to light some lonely dell,
By two fond lovers only seen,
Reflected from the crystal well,
Or sleeping on their mossy cell
Or quivering on the lattice bright,
Or glancing on their couch, to tell
How swiftly wanes the summer night!

Sir Walter Scott

Excerpt from Canto I Rokeby


It happens upon the break o’  morn:

Paul Willis, 2010…night of  Earl

Soon as seen first born  light,

Aft sleep depraved another night.

From coast guard  Lightship  captain

one,  and the saving station attending  son.

On January 31st, 1921…

Twas seen through sea misty morning eyes,

with all her sails adorning wind filled  skies,

The Schooner  Carrol A. Deering,  Yes twas seen…

Stranded on the treacherous Diamond Shoals.

She’d been sailing home to Hampton roads, aft

a tour de-browse de Barbados …n  passed the lightship

twice, with a crewman yelling in a tone quite nice that

the Deering had lost her Anchoring capable’s

Nothing  seemingly yet

arie… 10 hours later against a cold January sky,  She was

boarded in reluctant eerie un believing eyes…

Against a destiny of wind and Gale…

I saw a ship from yester-sail.,.straunded upon a

soned  born way…et laist et seemed to may a bound…

And certainly was at that…

Yet upon our boarding her in fact… found we one

living being…

a Cat…

And no either creature aboard…

There is a very distinct Sir Walter Scott Connection   Aye…boot woon moost fail the mist…

As the first light of dawn broke over the North Carolina coast one midwinter morning in 1921, coastguardsmen along the shore near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse were astounded to see a five-masted schooner, The Carroll A. Deering, under full sail, her prow caught deep in the sand, heaving mightily against the restraining land.

Paul Willis – LandtiQuaSeas.com

The men were stunned – the previous night had brought no storm, no distress signals or lights had been seen. Where then did this ship come from? Where was her crew? No sign of life, save a lean gray cat was to be found when the ship was boarded and searched. What tale could this feline tell, if only she could talk? Bunks were all made up, food left on plates and icy-cold on the stove. Everything appeared shipshape.

Eventually six government departments undertook an exhaustive investigation, to no avail. For though her identity would be learned, how she became the ghost ship of Diamond Shoals and the circumstance of her vanished crew was never known. Gone were the days of pirates such as Blackbeard who, two hundred years earlier, might have accounted for her fate, so even that possibility was ruled out. Only her memory lives on –majestic snow-white canvases in full sail without captain or crew.

Coastal Guide Helmsman

Visit us @ LandtiQuaSeas.com


  1. Interesting, Paul… instance of truth being stranger than fiction, I wonder? Also ‘sleep depraved’ is that intentional. Sleep deprivation can make a person to all intents and purposes ‘depraved’, ie with hallucinations etc.


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