> Once upon a Paradox <

Once upon a paradox,                                  


I started in one pair of socks,

and wound up on bare feet in

blistering pain.

I started then to back track,

writing on wet paper sack,

found myself trapped by me again.

Slapped, and facing reality,


Twas only I holding me,

thinking instead of doing

held me down.

But soon as if  redundantly

came to me reality…

that the end was just

the  beginning…

from exactly

where I came.


  1. LOL!!

    So Loved this…
    It SOOOOOO Hits the Nail on the Head…with me at least…

    I am Constantly and Consistently trapped by me…imprisoned, overwhelmed and Drained from all that Thinking instead of doing and ending up only where I started and finding out that where I started is where I was to end up to finish all along. Thus, allowing me to begin…

    Thanks for the Smile and the Tug on the Ears ;)


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