Yeah I know- I forgot

Just haven’t been able to stop playing Her long enough to write about it –

Hand Cut Pick Guard From a $7.00 Dollar- Dollar General 

Trash Can – Intended Prototype- But, Heck

If It Works and Perfects the Persona- Why 

Change it?


I Could Go Into Detail About the HardwareAnd PUPS- but, really, Who cares – I can’t Stop  Playing it-

She’s My Go To Girl Now-

I Named Her Layla-

Yeah, – Layla As In  – Eric Clapton  AND Duane Allman-












Sweet As Molasses Poured Delta Blues –

Chicken Picking  Quick As Any Brent Mason Wannabee – Floating Like a Butterfly Sting like a Tree-


Something They Just Don’t Grow On These Days –

( seriously you guys so-called new and improved Text Editor SUCKS ) BUT I suppose that’s just what it is- TEXT EDITOR and no longer an Image Text Platform )








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