It is said the ancient Egyptians attributed the design and construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza to the “SONS OF ENOCH”                               Chapter 1

Many find this to be quite interesting, surprisingly possible, and yet,  just not believable. From my personal studies in this area I have not only found  it to be believable, but also documented in many ways, and therefore easily accepted as truth. The ensuing report will include evidences of this for your enlightenment, and hopefully will intrigue you to seek a deeper truth. The truth that will set you free.

We on Earth are rapidly Mayan Calenderapproaching a date in time and space in which the Mayan (Long Count) Calender abruptly ends.

Where were you when…

“The Sons of Enoch” chapter 1

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Bless You




  1. Of course the limestone blocks are gone now but how they were fitted with such precision is still a mystery – certainly to me. And as far as the use of metal for such industrial/architectural endeavors the Egyptians were using copper in tools not iron/steel which reduced their strength as stone cutting tools.


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