You Saw it coming

You Saw it coming, I Saw it go…

I was younger then. Foreknew what I Saw, but in verity, still don’t know.

Only knew then…   I Saw it go. 

Before you Saw it coming,  I’d begun to See a light.

For the Sake of all concerned, you Sacrificed the happiness of one.

I never Saw it coming…barely even knew I was there.

A child, just learning what happiness might be,  gifted ponies taken by three, and painted carrousel figures never making their rounds.

You Saw them coming…long after I Saw them go.


  1. MARCH 14. . .MARCH 14??? Where, oh where have you been, Paul? I’ve missed your sane comments and posts and the insane ones too. I’m just checking in to ask after you, and to tell you you are missed. I thought for sure you would have a great Easter post – as that is the most important date. . .ever!! I hope you had a joyous one. I also hope and pray that you are well. Please be assured that you are daily included in my prayers, as are all my blog friends.

    I hope to read something new from you soon. Take care. As ever, I wish you enough. . .


  2. I came over to see what you had up for “Unusual” this week. But then I thought, “Wow, he could use this picture (carousel) by itself for the “Unusual” theme! Why not label it as that and post your link on the “Weekly Challenge” page? Bring in more people to see it.
    Well, there you go; somebody telling you what to do again >!?!<


  3. Wow, you couldn’t have chosen a better picture to represent this piece!!! Did you do the animation?

    Also want to tell you that I planned to spend some time today listening to your songs. But my sound went out completely on my computer. So far I’ve tried everything I can think of — and everything suggested by a friend who’s very knowledgeable in the field. Nothing’s helped. So it looks as though I’m going to have to call in an expensive technician. And since this month has already proven to be a very costly month, it may be next month before I will be in a position to give that technician all the money he will expect to get. I feel bad about not hearing your music, but I will definitely do so when my audio returns.


    • lol, well, I’m in the same situation computer wise, only worse, I don’t have the disc space left to afford sound, or imaging, as far as from my camera. You aren’t missing a lot music wise…not with the poor quality recording I did online..but, you can read some of my lyrics if you like under “Treble Clefs” at top on my static page nav selection.
      No, I didn’t do the coding. Just copy and paste.


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