Cloud Drops

Remember it well. Largest Rain Drops

The rain we saw pouring down.

Drops bigger than clouds.




        • You’re very welcome… you’ll want to make sure that when you go to someones site where you have left them a “Like” that by clicking “Your” Gravatar – it takes you to Your site, or at least to the Gravatar, where, you can add Websites at the bottom… it used to show the link to your main site at the top left in your Profile, but, mines no longer working correctly there either. Also, go to a site where you’ve left a “Comment” and click your Gravatar – that too should take you ( readers) to your site – the two are separate settings but your site needs to be seen and read. There are so many places on WordPress/Gravater to make different settings these days- what with so many changes- I can’t remember right off where the Comment setting is- but, they are an awesome help these days also with the “Happiness Engineers” chat box… just google support, or look around the help pages if you don;t know where to find it – it will show up somewhere… lol

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