Dividing Walls Should Fall For All…

So? What’s the big argument in the largest Christian (Protestant) denomination in the United States, of over 16  million members? What’s the real question at hand? Is it-“Should they change their historically racial biased sounding name from “Southern Baptist” to something more “Tolerant,” and inviting”?

That’s a great sentiment for any and all denominations of the Christian faith in my opinion, unless of course the reasons are to attract more African American members, or, appease those already worshiping black American members of the denomination. 

( I say Black Americans rather than African Americans, as to me, an African American is an American living in Africa, regardless of color, creed, or NASCAR driver preference. here in America…we are all Americans ) or should be.

On Monday, February 16, in the midst of  “BLACK HISTORY” month, the Southern Baptist Convention deliberated the possibility of changing it’s name to “The Great Commission Church”. I say that is a wonderful idea, even though my prayer warrior grandmother religiously attended a Southern Baptist Church all her life…

(Although her relationship with Christ was hugely paramount, and her knowledge of the Southern Baptist, or any other denomination’s statement of faith paled in comparison)

Personally, I see this change as a wonderful idea, as many members, potentials, and even committee heads of the denomination see it. After all, God’s  Kingdom is for all, and not just for the elite, or…in my opinion, even the so called “Elect”.

At least not the elect many Southern Baptist, and other self proclaimed reformed denominations, and religious organizations interpret the Bible as defining.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not my personal stand on one side or the other of the age old “Calvinists- Arminianism” debate. Completely contrary in fact…

This is my point… Shouldn’t all dividing walls fall down? I mean, not all Southern Baptist churches claim the Calvinistic T.U.L.I.P. 5 point belief any more than all Southern Baptist support Jimmy Carter’s view that God is done with Israel as a literal nation, and Zionism is the great Satan.

Shouldn’t All Christianity Become United…under God…as Jesus intended ?

I don’t recall the Bible ever showing Jesus, or Paul for that matter, holding a revival meeting at the Presbyterian church on the corner of  “Immersion and Dunk” and scurrying across town to hold a “Trickle Down Baptismal”  to douse the fire John Wesley started.

I saw Jesus building a Church… Not baking a dozen different ones.

Again, this is not my personal roasting of any one denomination… I think the Southern Baptist are certainly on to something BIG!!!

I pray the motive is right…and pray it motivates a movement…

One True Revival… All across the World…

Otherwise ideological, intellectual comity here, greatly misses Spiritual  anointing, and Godly indoctrination.

Let Us Pray…                Together !!!                         

    \o/ Thank You Jesus

 The Question


  1. Almost sounds like we had the same grandmother. Her faith and relationship with Christ was great. I never understood why she needed church. It seemed to me like a place to just go and be busy. I know that little backwoods Southern Baptist church would have never welcomed anyone who wasn’t white. Even as a little child I knew that didn’t go with the Word. I don’t think very many people in those little backwoods Southern Baptist really knew God. I think it was a place to go to make them feel important or as if they were doing the right thing. I know, I know not what the article is about, just venting. I am extremely glad not to have anything to do with a Southern Baptist church anymore.


  2. Every person who believes in God should answer this question, “Shouldn’t All Christianity Become United…under God…as Jesus intended ?” We are all Christians, it doesn’t matter what Church we came from. What matters is how we live that faith. We can argue about religion but if people don’t feel the love and Christian brotherhood/sisterhood, we’ll just sound like a broken, senseless record. Yes, to unity and peace! Have a great day…


  3. The thunder sure shook me this time. Yes I know I am naive but as much as I’ve been around anyone would think I would have fiqured this out. I do have an inborn intuition that steers me away from prejudice, hate, cliques. Just yesterday I watched a special on this 20/20 or nightline, but thought it was a sb isolated incident. Beyond me how hate can blacken the heart so bad they teach the children at their most vulnerable age.
    And I was told just yesterday, leave it alone your just one. I fired back your just one but one and one is more. I don’t know what makes me angrier the haters or the complacency.
    Thanks for the post. Sure helps me at this time in my life if it didn’t anyone else.
    Mission in motion,


    • I didn’t see the 20/20 special, but, if it was airing about an isolated incident of racism within the Southern Baptist denomination, I am certain from personal experience it is just that …isolated, as can be found in every denomination, organization, and individuals everywhere.
      That’s not really what this article is about however, but, thanks for reading and commenting.
      Bless You


    • I would say it comes from “Red Bull”, but, after hearing Davy Jones speak on the BIO channel about how he doesn’t use drugs before a show, though downs a lot of Red Bull…and then he died the following week…I’m like the “Wide Mouth Frog” who was suddenly stricken with Lock Jaw when the Alligator showed up…who me?


  4. Shouldn’t All Christianity Become United…under God…as Jesus intended ?
    I think Jesus would be happy if we all (regardless of religious beliefs) would just live by the Golden Rule. Of course as long as Governments and bankers run the show, I doubt the common person stands a chance of living in peace, despite their beliefs. This is an uplifting article. Thank you for posting. Sorry, but I just had to add my 2 cents.


  5. Sounds like Political Correctness to me – here in the UK The Politically Correct Brigade are trying to ban Christianity an inch at a time, so to even admit to being Christian is to open a real bag of snakes!!!

    God Bless!



  6. I agree, it is a lovely idea, but everyone likes to have a special club all of his own! Though racial overtones in a CHURCH! This makes no sense to me at all. I mean Jesus himself would have had quite a swarthy skin tone to say the least! People do realise that he was not a blue eyed white man don’t they/.. c


  7. I think the slavery question created the Southern Baptists. All the faiths split over the issue in the decade prior to the Civil War. This was a harbinger of what was to come. The Presbyterians, the Congregationalists were all fairly united and led the antislavery movement and kept it burning. The Quakers led too and created that underground railroad. I did a paper on this for my MA in 1980. Historians and society do not give religion enough credit as a dynamic for revolution or change. The hypocrisy was that freed slaves were not welcome and excluded from congregations north and south.


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