I Love And Still Wonder

I love Jesus, Mama, Granny, and Pa.

Daughter, Grandson,  Sisters… My Darling Wife who gives her all.

My daddy, and…. a whole lot of cousins I barely ever knew.

I loved music, horses, cooking and dogs.

Cats adopted me, so, I fed their cause,

Actually found myself in love with them, allergies, paws and all.

How awesome they’ve all been…  Why now do I see stained glass

visuals of King David dancing naked with his harp before all the kingdom?..

Yet, only an audience of two?

The “One” he danced for, was all the inspiration he needed to perform,

Though, the one peering from the window above in disdain, saw not the Art at all.



“Shannon’s song”

(stanza 1)

Shannon’s going under the knife today;

If  they can find the right donor she will be okay.

The one she calls daddy provides a comfortable home;

But Shannon needs from her dad  a rare  chromosome.

Just  last week they were on the Povich show;

Maurie said I’m sorry, but you’re just not her daddy Joe.

By now Shannon is under the anesthesia;

Oh  God  what we could learn from David and Bathsheba.

But, I know that Shannon is resting in your loving  light;

Dear God please give  Mom and Joe some comfort tonight.

And who knows ? Like the wisdom of  Solomon:

Maybe one day you’ll bless them with their own daughter or son…


And Shannon we love you…wherever you are;


Shining with the Angels, or dancing on a  star .

We  hear your voice in the morning;

In the sweet song of the birds…

Mama, and Daddy,  I  love you;

Were Shannon’s last words.

(stanza 2)

Tammy’s going out on a date tonight;

Daughter stays at home, mom says it will be alright.

Shes just thirteen but the neighbors are near;

Dear God there’s just something terribly wrong here.

Nine months later they were on the Springer show;

Jerry jokes merrily, but apparently he just doesn’t know.

That God still loves you where ever you are;

But flirting with disaster,  a high cost of  being a star.

Kids watch your show in the morning, while you’re

exploiting others pain, Jerry does the root of all evil ever drive you in sane?


(stanza 3)

Early September our country watched the Twin Towers fall;

Even the date spelled 911,.. emergency call.

Brought us all together, maybe a month or two;


I don’t believe in coincidences,  how bout you ?

And just last week, on a praise your money show;

A preacher spoke for my God, who I don’t think he really knows.

God still loves us, where  ever we may be;

should spend more time listening to Him, than a talking head on T.V.

People if  we love this world we live in,      I beg you please…

Just turn off the television…and drop down on your knees.

Shannon we love you, wherever you are;

Dancing with the angels, or shining as a star.

We hear your voice in the morning;

In the song of the birds.  Mama and Daddy I love you;

were Shannon’s last words.

Shannon’s going under the knife today…

If they had found her real daddy she would have been okay.

©paul willis-2010
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