I Love And Still Wonder

I love Jesus, Mama, Granny, and Pa.

Daughter, Grandson,  Sisters… My Darling Wife who gives her all.

My daddy, and…. a whole lot of cousins I barely ever knew.

I loved music, horses, cooking and dogs.

Cats adopted me, so, I fed their cause,

Actually found myself in love with them, allergies, paws and all.

How awesome they’ve all been…  Why now do I see stained glass

visuals of King David dancing naked with his harp before all the kingdom?..

Yet, only an audience of two?

The “One” he danced for, was all the inspiration he needed to perform,

Though, the one peering from the window above in disdain, saw not the Art at all.



Potter’s Wheel (Song Lyrics)

You chose your way,

so I went mine.

I love you girl, I hope you’re doing fine.

I finally had to do what the good Lord told me was right.

Your face is burned in my mind’s eye,

but I finally learned sometimes it hurts to cry,

and with a brand new heart now I’m catching the next flight.

It’s amazing the things  Satan disrupts,

I think about Tillie, and if she’s had her pups,

and you all alone at home with that blown up car.

I wish I could, but, I could never be there,

I cry you to God every night in prayer…

If you would only surrender  girl…

He’ll meet you where you are.


My world keeps on spinning round and round.

And when it stops, my feet will be firm on the ground.

I shook hands with my maker…

And I surrendered to Him my will…

I’ll be a brand new man when I step off

His Potter’s Wheel.

Second Corinthians five seventeen , is the heart of the Gospel

if you know what I mean.

If not, you should, experience it for yourself.

Couldn’t do it alone, so I’m holding His hand.

Up until now I was a self-made man…

Lord with this mess I’ve made, I really need your help.

I pray to be humble, I pray your will.

I thank you for dieing on Golgotha Hill,

so I can be a new creature, let old things wash away.

Let me be not conformed to this world,

but rather transformed with my Lord.

And with a brand new mind…I die in Christ each day.

( chorus)

My world keeps on spinning round and round…

And when it stops, my feet’ll be on Holy ground.

I shook hands with my maker…

And I surrendered to Him my will…

I’ll be a brand new man when I step off,

His Potter’s Wheel


My world keeps on spinning round and round.

When it stops my feet will be on Holy Ground.

I shook hands with my maker,

and I gave Him my will…

I’ll be a brand new man when I step off

the Potters wheel…

I’ll be a brand new man when I step off…

His Potter’s…


©-paul willis-1999

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Another Side Of Time



                    There was –  A

                              Time  I  could            

                                                                                           Not  See,  As I                                                                                                                                                                    Was  Blind To                                                                                                                                                                    Others Needs.                                                                                             It  Was Lonely

                                                       Back Then,  In My B.C. But One Who Was Lonelier I’d                                                                                     Heard Died For Me. I Laughed It Off —For Many Years                                                                                  But When He Opened My Hearts Eyes and I Saw  Tears                                                                                 I  Tried To Run, Tried To Hide, A Well-Spring Below                                                                                                                               Awakened From                                                                                                                                                               a Stone Inside                                                                                                                                                                 Still  Spiritually                                                                                                                                                                 Awareness                                                                                                                                                                         Comes Slow                                                                                                                                                                     Ugly Pride Still                                                                                                                                                                 Reigns  Often                                                                                                                                                                   Self   Proclaims.                                                                                                                                                               Without    Cause,                                                                                                                                                            Innocent  of  Blame                                                                                                                                                       Died  On  A  Cross                                                                                                                                                          Better Side Of Time,                                                                                                                                                     Christ Return, My New                                                                                                                                                Heart Awaits Knowing                                                                                                                                              Complete Change Is By                                                                                           No Freak Twist Of    Fate.


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Heart Of Every Storm


    Some days are powerful dark chocolate, blowing more than your hair astray.
      Other days calm, lack negative ions, just vanilla diddly, and plain blasé.
        Drizzly rain days I pray to stay away. However, the weather will change.
          100 plus degrees in Summertime, as hurricanes, and tornado’s, squall.
            Winter drops to early teens. Gale, forces Summer into late fall.
              Same weather? Day after day, and from me my mind estranges.
              I love hearing wind blow strong, and feel its powerful forces.
            Wishing no harm, or malice, upon anyone else of course.
            A  plain-Jane, cloudy day rain just hurts me to the  bone.
           Same with sweat, humidity, and cooking dinner on a stone.
            Thunderclouds welcome, unless lightning grounds my spot.
           Anyway, would be senseless to twitch, whine and moan.
           Even when, the dreaded Nor-Easter, freezes my face.
          Thank God for Winter, hearth, fireplace, and home.
         Yes, I prefer cold days, until  need it to be hotter.
       More over,  I can’t always make up my mind.
A new Winters day feels the same old sunshine.
Though, Winter, certainly brings too much rain.
 Absolutely, I admit there are days I prefer it sunny.
  But, some days are just naturally, perfectly warm.
    I suppose, the thing I am really trying to say, is.
       Whether rain, sleet, or shine, it’s a beautiful day.
            Can’t change the  weather …     anyway.
               Even as frightful ones do often form.
                 Best breathe easy, and stay cozily warm.
                    For, even in these, there is solace.
                            Undeniable , peace, and rest.
                                 Malignant?  Ill intending?
                                       Peace?  In a raging evil
                                           tempest? Destruction at
                                                it’s corm? Yes, always
                                                       I find love, peace,
                                                           and rest, at the
                                                              heart of every

paul willis – 2011 – ©

“God’s Proverbial Hickory Stick”

(Stanza 1)

Well I don’t look all that churchy;

With my hair hanging down.

And this fire might have flickered

a time or two, but it ain’t never

Eye of God

going out... My heart has been commissioned;To spread the Gospel word.Hey, it may differ a little from man's traditions on a few things that you've heard. Last night I met a lady;Oh she was dressed to turn some heads.She offered me a walk on the water that she and I use to tread. I'll admit, I was tempted;But I turned to her and said; I must be about my Fathers business;and I smiled as I bowed my head.(chorus)Cause Honey I'm not that same old man;And you can't pluck me out of His hand.I'm accountable to...all the wrong things that I do.I can't be Jonesing for your fix...stereotype75

Or say that the Devil’s up to his old tricks.

Cause I ‘m the one who will feel the licks;

From God’s proverbial Hickory Stick…

And honey you’re as pretty as you’ve always been;

I just can’t go back now to living in sin.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done;

Just ask God’s only Son.

(Stanza 2)

Well, I know He came to save me;

So I  try to walk the line.

So when this fire has flickered a time or two,

He put that hickory stick on my behind…

He will never leave or forsake me;

or turn me over to a reprobate mind,

cause it’s impossible to put Him back on the cross…

were all appointed to die just one time.


And honey I’m not  that  same old man;

and you caint pluck me out of His hand.

I’m accountable to…all the wrong things that I do;

I caint be a Jonesing for a fix,

or say that the Devil’s up to his old tricks.

Cause I’m the one who will feel the licks;

From God’s proverbial Hickory Stick.

Yeah you’re as pretty as you’ve always been;

Just can’t go back now to living in sin.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done;

Just ask God’s first born Son…

(Repeat Chorus)

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copyright 2000-2010

Prodigal Son of the South (song lyrics)

(Stanza 1)

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I was a prodigal son, and away I did run,

With the money and my own free-will.

But it didn’t take long to spend, or  to kick myself again;

In the face, when the truth became real.

But my Father who made me, knew what it took to break me,

To give me a contrite  heart, now I’m down on my knees,

And I’m begging Father please,  give this boy just one more start.


(1/2 stanza 2 )

My friend Sam wrote a song, and it haunted me so long;

how a minister so strong could go to pot.

But then I went down through there, now his testimony, I share;

It’s a long, dark road back to God.


Because  my own free-will was my Achilles heel;

Keeping my foot in my mouth.

Oh Father I pray, please take me back today;

I’m just a prodigal son of the south.

(stanza 3)

Thought I was spiritually sound, but I let my guard down;

Let Satan take me down through there again.

Thought I could fill my empty dreams, with material things;

And heaven would just open up and let me in.

But my Father above me,  let me know how much  He loved me;

took away the false guilt and endless doubt, Now I know His love is real;

Wish to tell you how it feels,   when He opened the gates of  my hell and let me out.

(chorus) repeat

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